Rate your local diocesan newspaper

How would you rate the newspaper for your diocese? Is it loyal to Church teaching? Does it have articles that contain substance or is it just a bunch of fluff? Does your bishop write any articles?

I currently subscribe to 2 diocesan newspapers:

The Catholic Standard & Times (Diocese of Philadelphia) - What I enjoy the most is that it contains a weekly column by Cardinal Rigali and also has the text for many of his homilies. His column and homilies are filled with references to the Church fathers and magisterial teaching. Definite “meat and potatoes” here… not a lot of feel-good fluff.

The Monitor (Diocese of Trenton, NJ) - Not a bad paper, but definitely has some fluff. Fortunately, nothing too liberal or going against Church teaching. Every now and then there will be something written by Bishop Smith, but not too often.

I’m curious to hear from others, especially about your bishops. Do they write a lot in your papers? I feel that we can learn so much from our bishops and may be interested in subscribing to another paper if it contains substantial teaching from the Apostles’ [FONT=Arial]successors.[/FONT]

God Bless,

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