Rather Saddening

Once upon a time I was good friends with a neighbor. We no longer communicate due to differences personal, political and religious… in other words, we are directly opposed to everything about one another. But, I remember once upon a time when I was a member of his father’s website, a very large forum of ‘Christian Gamers’. They always made a big deal out of advertising and working on it, and I remember spending alot of time with them on the forum and playing games. However, when I look at it now it’s rather sad to see how many lies there were being spread about Catholicism I never paid any attention to back then. There were two, and I think still are, Catholic members who were constantly bashed. But it’s just bothering me looking at it now at how many lies they believe! I hope no one minds me posting links, but I was hoping someone might give them a bit of help trying to refute these claims… the site is www.christiangamers.net, and my apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I mean, some of these people have been met with no opposistion when giving links to Chick Tracts as authentic info on Catholicism :eek:

Yes, sadly “Christian” has been stolen by Protestants to mean “not Catholic”.

Correct. And this is why I insist on calling them “Protestants.” Saying they’re “Christian” is trying to lessen the apostasy that they are in.

Also, I cringe when I see people say, “Catholic Christian” or “Christian Catholic.” That’s TOTALLY redundant. But I can understand why Catholics do that. To emphasize that we ARE INDEED Christian.

See Sig :thumbsup:. Lets take the word back! I prefer to use the term Non-Catholic Christians to describe our separated brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yes, I think some people say Catholic Christian in the sense that they are indeed Christian, but some people use it as a smear term as well. Another sad thing about this site is that one of the topics was ‘Should Catholics and Christians Marry’…

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