Rationale for a Traditional Movement


I recently came across this article, The Rationale for a Traditional Movement in the Catholic Church by Alexis Bugnolo.

Seems to me to be charitable, faithful to the Church, and very logical. In other words, I think the guy makes a heckovalotta sense.

I would love to have other folks here critique it…let me know what you think.

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I haven’t read the whole article yet, but I really like the opening quote:

“The true Catholic is the traditionalist.” – St. Athanasius, Father and Doctor of the Church


Where have all the good theologians gone…? Those in union with Rome that is…

If this isn’t enough to show you how much of a dissident he is…

He is linked with *Tradition in Action *which is also a dissident group.


"Tradition in Action claims to be, "committed to defend the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church and Catholic traditions. TIA also works for a restoration of Christian civilization, adapted to contemporary historical circumstances."
However, they do this by disgracing the Roman clergy, the Pope, and many prominent Catholic leaders and religious. Their style of presenting pictures and commenting completely aside from any context is both a poor description of facts and disgraceful to the Church and Her hierarchy. While ostensibly seeking to reinstate traditions in the Church, this site ridicules the living Tradition of the Church’s Magisterium and therefore, it cannot validly claim a right to defense of Holy Mother Church. We recommend avoiding this site altogether. "

This is taken from ;



I will not read this article based simply on the inflammatory remarks he has made about Vatican ll.
Do a simple Google search !


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