Ratzinger Prize Goes to a Woman for 1st Time

The Ratzinger prize, referred to as the “Nobel of Theology,” will for the first time this year recognize a woman theologian. It is also being awarded for the first time to a Polish theologian.

Cardinal Camillo Ruini announced today the award recipients as French professor Anne-Marie Pelletier, the prize’s first female winner, and Polish priest and scholar, Professor Waldemar Chrostowski, the first Polish winner.

Jesuit Fr. Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, briefed journalists on the Ratzinger Prizes of 2014, to be awarded Nov. 22.


Wow! Fantastic!
She may be the first…but surely won’t be the last.


A WOMAN??? :mad:

Vatican II rearing its ugly head again!

Uhh I hope this is sarcasm…

Anyways, whoo! There’s nothing barring women from being theologians, and we can be just as theologically knowledged as any man. Congrats to Ms. Pelletier!

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