Ratzinger TCG - an idea

One of my favorite games is Magic: The Gathering, which is a TCG (trading card game). The way these work is that the have special cards which perform various functions when you use them in the game. The rules of how each card works are printed on the card. There are around 300 cards released in a set and when you buy a pack, you’ll get 15 cards at random. You can choose cards you own to use in your deck, and when you play against someone else they’ll have their own deck which probably has different cards to yours, you shuffle your own deck and then use the cards you draw to play. (If there is a card you want to use in your deck which you don’t own, you can trade cards with other players outside games to get what you need - hence “trading card game”). The game is usually turn based (sort of like chess. I take my turn, in which I can move one piece, then you take your turn).

Whew, hopefully that wasn’t too complicated an explanation. Anyway, my idea was to try and create a Catholic-based TCG. Not necessarily to be commercially successful (though there’s always the chance this could happen), but more just for fun. I named this game “Ratzinger TCG” in honor of our current Pope.

I’m still throwing around various ideas of how the game would work. Note that I tend to come up with silly premises a lot when trying to use creativity (it’s not really my strong point). Here is the idea I have at the moment -

You play the part of a previously-fallen angel who is trying to earn his way back into Heaven. There are many such angels like you, and God has said that if you can prove yourself by promoting the Catholic faith on earth then he will let you in.

Of course a game (in a strict theoretical sense) is not really a game without conflict involved, so here’s the thing. You (mistakenly?) believe that there aren’t enough people on earth for you to convert such that each angel gets a “fair share” of humanity, or else you think that God has a quota of how many angels he can let in. Either way, you think you have to try and race against the other angels to promote the faith the most. You even try to thwart the attempts of the other angels to promote the faith. (You used to be in Hell - you still have some strange ideas from that “upbringing”).

In order to promote the faith you’re going to need to use your angel powers and you’re also going to need some help from others. Your powers, and the characters you can get to help you, are represented by cards in this game. Your characters might include evangelists, apologists and priests who you use to promote the faith, dissenters and Protestants who you use to thwart the other angels’ plans, and assassins who you use to kill the other angels’ priests and evangelists (or something. Remember these are just initial ideas so don’t get upset!)

Your characters will have various statistics, like Influence which is how good they are at converting people, Faith which is how resistant they are to being converted or joining the other angels’ side, and Health which is how good they are at avoiding attacks and staying alive. They will also have special abilities. For example you might have a card…

Cardinal Ratzinger
Character - Priest
Faith: 5
Influence: 5
Health: 3
Cardinal Ratzinger can’t be converted by your opponents.
All Dissenters Influence is reduced by 2.

Of course the cards have to have a cost to play them otherwise people would just make decks full of Cardinal Ratzinger cards and there wouldn’t be any interesting strategies. So I’ll have to find out a way to represent the resources you use to pay these costs.

Another ‘resource’ would be the people in the game. There can be a “neutral zone” where people live at the start of the game and you bring them into your fold. The people can be of different types so you score more points when you get Faithful Catholics into your fold. Your characters can affect these people and also your angel powers can be used to affect them. For example, a card to ruin your opponent’s fold…

Liturgical Abuse
Angel power - Permanent effect
On each of your opponent’s turns, 1 Faithful Catholic from their fold becomes a Dissenter.

Or one to help you out…

Fatima Miracle
Angel power - One-shot effect
Add 10 Faithful Catholics to your fold.

OK that’s all the ideas I have for now. What do you think of this idea? Do you have any ideas you want to add to it?


It’s a good idea. However I tend to dislike literally using the the pope and the church as the subject of the game. It may be violating the 2nd commandment.

Don’t get me wrong though. I love Magic: The Gathering especially the deck building part( I love to brainstorm new ideas and strategies ). It’s just that overt references to real life practices and problems is something I’m not comfortable with. Maybe if you could make it more subtle…:smiley:

Peace! :thumbsup:

I’m with arvinsim on the keep it more subtle suggestion because if you’re going to use ‘real’ characters such as Pope Benedict you would need to keep the whole game ‘real’. However, your premise is faulty from the get go.

Angels know all things so that when they choose to go against God the decision they make is eternal, so God has not and would not offer the opportunity for an angel to ‘earn’ its way back into heaven.

Since the premise is already fantasy-based-on-reality all the characters should also be based-on-reality for consistency. If you use ‘real’ characters you run the risk of putting forth a false teaching about the nature of angels, consequences for actions, and redemption.

Your idea sounds like something youth religious education kids might enjoy. I hope you keep working on developing it.

You could just do collectible cards. No backstory or battles needed for that. It takes care of any faulty theology, facts, etc.

Edit: Another idea would be a board game. :wink:

This could be a lot of fun. How about these?

Catechism of the Catholic Church
Pay 8 mana, tap.

Search your deck for any card, reveal it, then put it in your hand.

“I know the answers are in here, it just takes me awhile to find them!” - Binary

Expert Apologist
Creature - Human
Faith: 4
Influence: 3
Health: 1

Pay 1 mana, tap: Target creature of faith 2 or less is converted to your cause.

“Let me show you the error in your thinking.”

I mostly thought these up as a joke. A catholic trading card game is a fun idea, but I just don’t see how it could be done while being dogmatically accurate. :o

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