Ratzinger & Tree of Life


“In the Beginning…” on page 76, he says that the cross is the tree of life.

“It means to accept the love of God…”


That’s profound IMO. If Adam had recognized and valued God’s love, if he’d have valued God-who is love- and so accepted Him as his God, then he’d not only have remained in Eden but his justice would’ve been complete, and he would’ve had eternal life instead of being cast from the garden into a world that includes pain, suffering and death. Eating from the Tree of Life was the opposite of eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was a positive step, a step towards righteousness/goodness instead of away from it. It was the choice for life, and a necessary step for man; it would’ve been, ultimately, the fulfillment of the Greatest Commandments. Instead Adam put us on a detour, so to speak, a circuitous route that still leads back to the Tree of Life, to the cross. Jesus, Himself, has been identified as that Tree, Whom we must partake of in order to have life. We’re here to learn how to value love above all else-if we will.


Adam’s first mistake was listening to his wife (lol).


Absolutely. Thanks for your thoughts. Ratzinger has always been enlightening.:slight_smile:


Nothing happened when she “ate the apple,” but when he did, 'all Hell broke loose" Should show us the powerful roll husbands play in the life of their families. God Bless, Memaw


Christ bore a curse in hanging on a tree, so his tree of death (the cross) has become for us the tree of life.


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