Raw survival class for kids


Lately with all the natural disastors occuring and wars that are on going and then recently watching a History channel movie about life after an armagedon type situations I started thinking about our childrens education. I have my oldest son in the cubscouts, and think it is a great starting point. But I also believe that in school, another class should be mandatory… they should call it “Raw Survival”. It should teach children/teens how to sterilize found water and what insects and reptiles are eatable and what plants are toxic and what are safe and which ones have healing remedies. Some farming skills and outdoor saftey survival skills (with no tent, and no supplies.)

Basically a class that each year would teach a laundry list of skills that would teach our future generation to survive if the world they know were to vanish. Kids today have less and less survival skills and more and more computer and video game skills. But what if the electricity went out then what???

I’m curious what others think about this idea?


Very wise things to be teaching them, good skills to have in any natural disaster. Include CPR, and field medicine. Another great class that’s not being taught to teens, survival class for the real world they live in. We tend to leave them to figure it out after high school and the reality is always a huge struggle.


Remember. The first step:

Defend the fuel.


Basic survival, what water to drink and not to drink. CPR, how to treat wounds.

I’d be careful in how much information I’d share with a young child for a few reasons.

Children can be frightened when you talk about apocalyptic events that could cause them to need the skills. Most parents would go apesh*t if they knew the school was telling the children they were all going to die.

Also, fact is that many people would die because of living in the city…they simply couldn’t access enough clean water, food, etc to survive for long. Places like San Francisco, NYC and others would have massive death tolls because they only support that amount of population because of modern technology.

In the north their would be people freezing because they rely on electric heat. In the south and in the west water is an issue. Raw survival is INCREDIBLY regional.

Raw survival is defiantly a trick issue. It would involve killing animals, which besides the PETA freaks, could make city kids try things on pets which just isn’t cool. Also there are very fine lines between posion and edible plances


I think it’s a great idea. Sign ME up! :thumbsup:


First aid and CPR/AED training for sure. (And when you get a first aid kit, make sure it has not only bandaids but bandages for large wounds.)

As far as medical is concerned, what they would be able to learn from there would depend on their maturity and what a medical practitioner would be willing to teach them. Depending on what your state’s laws say about the minimal age and how much you are willing to cough up in money, they can go on to do EMT-B training from there (some survival instructors recommend this as the minimal survival medicine training for adults in the U.S.----these can cost at least U.S. $800 per course if you are not doing it for college credit; some states allow 16 year olds to take this course and register with the state). From there you can tack on wound care training (you can either take a course that lasts 1-3 days or you can learn while working in an ER, etc. (all of this depends on your state/territory/province, etc. laws are regarding scope of practice)).

Also, as noted above, how to sterilize water. Fire extinguisher usage. Also, all of those stuff which the OP already mentioned (poisonous plants and snakes, rabid mammals, especially).

Also, now that you mentioned lack of electricity, how about how to set up a portable generator?


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