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From a symposium before the launch of the Mariner 9 launch in 1971, also included Arthur C Clarke and Carl Sagan.


And for those who are writers or hope to become writers:


Thanks for this thread. He was always a favorite in our family.

I met Ray Bradbury in Pasadena back at a book-signing for his book “Zen and the Art of Writing.” He was sitting at the signing table wearing a white suit (much like the Ice Cream Suit in his short story) and a tie festooned with small jack-o-lanterns, just like you would hope Ray Bradbury would be dressed, and was enjoying a bottle of cold Mexican beer on a hot summer day.

When I got to the front of the line and gave him my copy of his book to sign, I shook his hand and told him how much I had always enjoyed his writing, and that his books were the ones that had started me on a lifelong path of reading. He held my hand a long time and looked up at me and said he really appreciated what I just said, and that he was glad he was able to do that. He actually looked like he was a little choked-up. (I’ve heard from others that he was very affected by what readers said to him.)

I’ll always remember and enjoy his writing, everything from “The Illustrated Man” to “The Halloween Tree” (one of my favorite books), and his wonderful dark fantasy, like “The October Country” and “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

If you get a chance, read his short story “The Man,” one of the best science fiction stories about Christianity.

As a side note, perhaps my least favorite film based on the Gospel is “King of Kings,” yet I always thought the narration, by an uncredited Orson Welles, was quite good and lyrical. I later learned that it was written by an (also uncredited) Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury will be much missed. May God bless and keep him.

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