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Got a guy i work with thats basically considers him His pope… Though i have my own personal feelings about his ministry, What are some thoughts about him by you guys

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I have no respect for people who go around trying “save” Catholics. He needs our prayers nothing more.


Years ago, I heard a series of videotapes by Ray Comfort in which he admonished Christians to start talking about sin and hell to non-believers, instead of just pushing a "fuzzy-wuzzy welationship with our good buddy, Jesus.

Frankly, I really liked this! Many Protestant churches have gotten carried away with the “seeker service,” to the point where they don’t say anything that might offend anyone. They especially avoid mentioning uncomfortable topics like personal sin, guilt, hell. Instead, they emphasize how Jesus will “meet your needs” and “make you happy.”

So hearing Ray Comfort urge Christians to get back to the old-fashioned “turn or burn” sermons was quite refreshing!

But it’s been years since I’ve heard this series. What’s Ray Comfort been teaching since then? Did he discover that “turn or burn” didn’t sell books, so he switched to a “softer, gentler Christianity?” Has he become a “Jack Chick” toward Catholics? What’s the scoop, please? Thanks.

I guess at this point, I would hesitate to get too enamored of any Protestant teacher or preacher.
They don’t have the Church of Christ behind them, holding them accountable for their teaching. So I don’t trust them. I try to examine what they say in the light ot the Catholic Church. A lot of it is good, but there is bad in there, too. We have to be careful.


I never heard of him:shrug:


He is the author of Way of the Master a witnessing/bible series. Its premise is to teach people how to witness to people by using the ten commandments to get people to realize their sin and their need for God.

There has been a couple of threads on this series, Comfort and his partner Kirk Cameron. Most recently here:


No he does not consider Catholic saved, or even Christian.

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