Ray Rice Released by Ravens in Wake of Video Showing Punch



Years ago there was a story about the NFL wanting more female fans and suggestions about what they should do to attract more women. At that time my suggestion was to hire fewer criminals. While I have never been a woman, it is my understanding that most women are not happy about men who murder their ex-wives or pregnant girlfriends to avoid child support. Most also do not like it when men punch their girlfriends into unconsciousness, as happened with Ray Rice recorded on video.

Suprisingly enough Rice married this woman after he punched her out. Maybe the NFL policy on concussions needs to include wives and girlfriends of their players.

I would like a tough policy for all companies in how they handle employees who commit serious crimes while they work for the company. Simply putting them in prison is not working, and states like New York even theoretically bar companies from discriminating against employees for their criminal records. I would like to reintroduce the concept of shame to our society, so that everyone knows that doing bad things means other people will treat you differently. I am constantly amazed that a woman could know a particular man mistreated his last three wives/girlfriends, but thinks he might treat her differently.


Finally the NFL did the right thing on this. The initial 2-game ban that Rice received was woefully inadequate.

However, I find it hard to believe that nobody in the NFL office saw this video prior to today.


Seriously. I know several people who know nothing about football that have seen it.


If it was the prior unseen inside the elevator video, it was not shown initially to the public or available to the NFL from what I have heard. The video discussed is the elevator video previously unseen.


Ah, thanks for the clarification.


Oh somebody saw that video in the NFL office, they just turned a blind eye. But since the video was made public, now they act with toughness.


Well it was the Ravens who terminated his contract. The NFL then suspended him so that no other team would pick him up.


This is a terrible miscarraige of justice! :mad:
Ravens’ management has failed to give their fans the opportunity to give Mr. Rice one final standing ovation. :crying:


Something doesn’t pass the smell test. There was the previously existing video showing Rice and his unconscious girlfriend leaving the elevator, but only now - 6+ months later - the video surfaces showing what actually happened inside the elevator??

I don’t think Rice will ever play in the NFL again. If I was a team owner, there is no way I would want that guy on my team. However, I didn’t think Michael Vick would ever play again in the NFL either, so who knows.


This is just the first car of what could be a very long train.


I hope the NFL and the teams are strong on this. I hope they show some initiative.


I think I was seeing ESPN and they were saying that the NFL did see this video because the NFL said word for word as the video showed. I think that the Ravens and the NFL felt the pressure once TMZ made the video public.

The right action was done, but they did it once they were confronted with damaging evidences.


I think it continues to show bad behavior and the willingness to enable it with athletes. Pretty predictable. Just look at any major sports program.

They let him slide till they had no choice but to let their star running back go. The NFL and all its statements since Feb were covering for Ray Rice.

Its not up to the people involved in a domestic violence case not to press charges. Its up to the court, he was indicted for “assault” and then coddled by the court who definitely seen the video.

And he played in the season opener. Its a circus, dog and pony show and it always was and always will be. We coddle bad behavior with athletes and this league suspends players for a year for smoking pot, but assaulting women is different, Do dogs rate above women like with Michael Vick?

If they can play, then they will play. And you can bet Ray Rice will be playing for another team shortly. They are lining up now to pay for his talents, Maybe the Giants will get him.:rolleyes:


And the NFL-Baltimore Ravens now admittedly knew all along and apologized. Predicable wasn’t it? And Ray Rice is now the “example” to be made.

Ray Rice needs to be re-instated into the NFL. His punishment needs to fit his crime, and further the NFL has no right to shun him after their part in the conspiracy.

Indefinite suspension is “unacceptable” after this.


Rather than be re-instated, Ray Rice needs to be arrested, he could have killed his then fiancé/now wife. Also, the NFL commissioner needs to be the next to go. There is no way the NFL Asked for and didn’t see the full tape.


Ray Rice was arrested and went to court and received his sentence. A broken system isn’t Ray Rice’s fault. He was placed in a deferral program which is unheard of but that is the “prosecutors” fault, not the defendant. What was Rice to do, tell the judge the sentence wasn’t strong enough after he just paid for the defense he received.


I predict either he will be reinstated or the Ravens will be forced to honor his contract. He was pleaded guilty and completed the requirements of his sentence, The NFL suspended him for two games per their policy-they cant retroactively change the policy to punish Mr Rice.


One day his daughter will see the video. How sad is that?
And “Mrs” Rice, she is the typical victim in denial. Love=$$$. Being married to a “baller” and having the money takes the sting out of a punch.
Self respect for her and her daughter OR money. She had a choice to make.


Right, they created their own mess. They had the chance to do as they wished within the confines of the law and the league. They all chose otherwise and knew the issue. I seen the video on national television at least a month or so ago. How is it anyone can claim ignorance and then re sentence the fellow. Here’s where the tape first viewed nationally.



How do you know they haven’t worked things out? How do you know he isn’t truly repentant and will never abuse her again? Is spousal abuse an unforgivable sin? Wouldn’t her daughter be more influenced by the way he treats her and her mother than by a video?

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