Raymond Arroyo slammed from all sides


I recently came upon some criticism of Raymond Arroyo and wonder what this is all about. Cardinal Napier denounces Raymond Arroyo severely in a recent Catholic Herald.

Some time earlier the National Catholic Reporter (not my favorite) slammed Arroyo for siding with Trump on immigration. https://www.ncronline.org/news/opinion/distinctly-catholic/ewtns-hateful-world-over-arroyo-sides-trump-immigration

I am not too familiar with Raymond Arroyo’s views and have no interest of defending or attacking him, but such attacks from what seems to be opposing sides of the Catholic political arena make me wonder.
What do you all think about this?


Is this about granting asylum to people, mostly Catholics, who are desperately trying to escape gangs, poverty and terrorism in their countries? I read in Matthew 19:14 But Jesus said, “Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
I don’t believe that Christians should be going around gassing children who are with their desperate parents. These children were in another country across the border and not even in the United States. I cannot go along with American soldiers tossing gas grenades across the border, into another country, causing severe damage to innocent poor children who present no danger to these heavily armed American soldiers.
The 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention banned the international use of chemical weapons—including tear gas—in warfare.
I don’t see why Americans continue to use chemical weapons against children who are with their parents seeking asylum. They are not even in the USA and yet the Americans use chemical weapons against them. A woman whose daughter was tear-gassed said she saw children faint and struggle to breathe. Agent CS (chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile) and Agent CN (chloroacetophenone) also known as tear gas can cause permanent damage in some people, such as blindness, burned skin and respiratory problems and even death.
Images of what can happen if you tear gas children:



The article was published in June, a few months before the events you refer to.

Your colorful description of events at the border includes so much detail. I wonder when were you there and on which side of the fence?


This tragedy is not about me. It is about heavily armed Americans using chemical weapons against helpless children in Mexico.


Have you witnessed any of this?


People are desperately seeking some way to live a decent peaceful life. They could not get it in their homeland. What they found there was violence, drug wars, killings, gun battles, and no future for their children. And it was not their fault, but was it, at least partly, the fault of the Americans who had intervened in their government and of other Americans who were feeding the drug kingpins with their insatiable appetite for illicit drugs. Actually, a former president of the United States said that he had used cocaine himself. How is it helpful to people seeking to avoid the violence of drug gang wars, when Americans are paying top dollar for access to these illegal drugs?
The question as I see it is whether a Christian should side with Mr. Trump and Mr.Arroyo on immigration or whether they should stand with the National Catholic Reporter, Bishop Joe S. Vásquez, of Austin, Texas, Chairman of the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee on Migration, Sister Donna Markham, OP, Phd, President and CEO of Catholic Charities USA, Jeanne Atkinson, Executive Director of Catholic Legal Immigration Network, and Sean Callahan, President and CEO of Catholic Relief Services who have issued an statement reiterating that it is not a crime to seek asylum:
"… The Catholic Church will continue to serve, accompany and assist all those who flee persecution, regardless of where they seek such protection and where they are from.”


That I cannot agree more with Cardinal Napier’s twit…
It took very few programmes to realize what the Cardinal is saying,and since I didn’t even know who R. Arroyo was,nor is relevant to me today either,it was not really an effort to stop watching him. I was interested in the persons he interviewed ,but some interviews became sort of painful to watch so never watched him again nor planning to.
I prefer other sources and styles. Just my opinion.


Obama used tear gas no less than once a month at the border. It is used by police officers in many situations in the US. The Mexican police has used it on their border with Guatemala.


I don’t believe it is related to immigration. It is related to him supposively negatively reporting on Pope Francis, at least as much as I understand the situation. Here is an article that came out today on it:

Come Holy Spirit, kindle the hearts of your faithful and you will renew the face of the Earth,

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As I indicated, I am not in favor of Americans using chemical weapons against children. However, although the OP mentioned a report slamming Arroyo for supporting Trump’s immigration policies, it now it appears that this dispute with Arroyo may not be related to immigration.


The good Cardinal is clearly entitled to his opinion. Mr. Arroyo has been the target of several individuals and publications due to his willingness to discuss the crisis in the Church today, and to have on guests who will also. I have never heard anything from Mr. Arroyo nor his guests that was inflammatory, nor in keeping with Charity.


The whole migrant caravan issue is extremely politicized and I believe a shameful way to paint the US and the President in a bad light. I’ve seen other reports and sources which depicted many of the photos as being staged for greater affect.

Similar to your langue of describing the tear gas as “chemical weapons”. When police use this form of crowd control it’s almost always referred to as “tear gas”. Yet when it’s used on a crowd of migrants trying to swarm the boarder and throw rocks at officers, let’s call it “chemical weapons” against children!!!


Arroyo is a shrew. I don’t care for his show at all.

He seeks to be an arm and voice of the American right.


Not from all sides. Only from some sides. Arroyo has interviewed some very prominent people such as Cardinal Marx, Cardinal Kasper, Bishop Morlino and others. I have found the interviews to be better than those to be found in the secular media.


And the voice of the American left is (drumroll, please)…of course the USCCB.

Come on, diversity of thought and position is required. Immigration is a problem - the southern border issues are a travesty of justice - neither side has offered a tolerable solution.

Next please…


I really enjoy Raymond Arroyo.

He is a fine Catholic Christian man.

Arroyo is very informative yet entertaining regarding his shows (when I watch on the computer-I do not have TV).


And this is the reason for me raising this issue. Arroyo seems to be annoying some people and this makes me think that he is doing something right.


Maybe if the Pope and all of his allies in the Church didn’t say all of the strange stuff they did over the last 5+ years, maybe he wouldn’t have to report on and discuss all of these things. He’s also far from the only one in the Catholic media questioning some of the decisions made in this pontificate.


I have always found him to be polite and interesting. When it comes to interviewing on political subjects, he’s a breath of fresh air. He asks intelligent questions and doesn’t talk over his guests. His show has brought a lot of clarity to recent Church issues. This is just my opinion, of course. Others may have a different perception.


Generally speaking I support Raymond Arroyo and I abhore the emotional blackmailing, bullying and deceitful incomplete reporting of those supporting mass illegal immigration.

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