Raymond Arroyo slammed from all sides


“Frequent guest” and “occasional substitute host” isn’t the same thing as “contributer.”


What does contributor mean then? Does he not contribute when he’s there?


I have real concerns about Laura Ingraham’s previous statements about the Church and Arroyo’s coziness with her makes both my eyebrows go up.


What statements of Ingraham? I don’t follow her, but am curious. Also, is she a Catholic?


Yes, she’s Catholic.


Rather than being a contributor to Fox News, on those occasions when he fills in for Laura, Raymond would be better described as a reporter or guest anchor.

A contributor is someone who regularly writes for a publication or program.


Ok. Thanks for the explanation. :grinning:


You’re very welcome, F_Marturana.:hugs:


Is that an incorrect statement? How much money does Catholic Charities get from the government for their refugee program?

And I mean that as an honest question. I don’t even know where to look for answers about that.


The statement’s factual correctness isn’t the issue – it’s the implication that the Church is getting wealthy by championing refugee programs.


Actually it does make a difference. If that is factual, the next step is identifying what is done with the money. I am pretty sure 90 million doesn’t cover all the costs associated with refugees each year. So no, that wouldn’t be implicating the Church is getting wealthy. It would show its charity.

If in the other hand it is not factual, it shows she’s either a liar or badly misinformed. Neither way does it make the Church look bad.


I didn’t say it didn’t make a difference. I said it wasn’t the issue.

How is one to interpret this?

Or this?

“I don’t believe the country should have open borders,” she explained, “and they want open borders over at the bishop’s office, because why? They get an enormous amount of money from the federal government … millions of dollars, and the majority of the people in this [diocese] happen to be Hispanic.”

“You have to follow the money here,” she said.


Those are more clear, but I still wonder about the amount. If she is correct about the amount, and the percentage of the refugee budget from the government, she has made some points that many would agree with. If she is wrong or lying, she makes herself look really bad.

I know many people that don’t believe private or religious charities should be receiving aid from the government. Some feel that way because they don’t want their tax money paying for programs they don’t agree with. Others don’t want that because it often compromises the beliefs of the organization, or shuts them down. Look at what is happening with adoptions.


I’m far less interested in what some think than what the Church teaches.


I understand.

The Church does not teach that the Church should take money from the US government.

The Church does teaches that nations have a right to secure their borders.

She has a right to question and even disagree with the Church in these issues. this is the harm that comes from the Church deciding to mix itself with politics.

Once again, I am asking if these numbers and percentages she presented are correct? I didn’t want to sit and debate. I simply wanted to know if it is a correct amount.


My concern isn’t with the amount. It’s with a Catholic publicly claiming that a teaching of the US bishops is built on greed. Perhaps there are other posters who can speak only to the amount cited by Ingraham.


Bishops are not infallible and are subject to criticism like any other mortal. Can their actions be justified by greed? Are they human?


These are the figures I’ve been able to come up with so far that aren’t from Fox News or similar news outlets. It seems what she was saying actually echos the “liberal” news outlets spanning several years now.

“Catholic Charities of Chicago, for example, had a total budget of $180 million in 2016, with $155 million coming from government sources. Of that, about $105 million came from the state of Illinois, though the state gets a portion of that funding from the federal government before passing it on to Catholic Charities. It is known as “federal pass through money.”

“The Obama administration has increased federal funding to Catholic nonprofits for both domestic and international services to those in need. In total, more than $1.5 billion in federal funds went to the Catholic church and Catholic-affiliated organizations in the last two years.

One qualification: The publicly available data below is not comprehensive, as it does not include grants from all federal agencies.“

“ Georgetown University, the nation’s oldest Catholic and Jesuit University, broke with church doctrine in order to accommodate for civil rights.

When faced with the decision to officially recognize a student homosexual group on its campus, it decided to formally recognize it for fear it would be in violation of Washington, D.C.’s civil rights law and anti-discrimination protections. The school wanted to build a new dormitory at the time and needed municipal bonds to secure it.”





It seems to me, Arroyo with his many years at EWTN, was just fulfilling their outlook.

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