Raymond cardinal burke weighs in on 2020 dems calls out biden harris

I look forward to his comments on gun control, social health care, immigration, refugees, and foreign policy in that case.


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The cardinal has no reason to comment on any of the political issues. He is concerned with the business of souls.

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If one is going to call out people on one issue the conviction should be there to call them out upon others. I don’t understand why this needs spelling out but I suppose it’s a party political mentality.

I do not believe you are making your point well. I am not sure I understand what you are saying.

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What is the Church’s teaching on Catholic Joe Biden officiating a gay wedding, while promoting himself as a proud Catholic?

Burke is not endorsing a party, or even a candidate. He is defending the faith from two individuals. What SPECIFICALLY that he said do you disagree with?

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Then the Bishops would have to name every human by name, since each falls short somewhere.

And that is not practical. So your preference is for Bishop’s to not call out anyone nor bar anyone from communion?

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This always happens on these threads - words are put into another’s mouth or an assumption of another’s thought is made.

The situation is far more nuanced than that.

Ah, so cardinals should remain silent on all issues, then?

That, or (according to you) start babbling on about every issue under the Sun?

I wouldn’t think the wisest nor most prudent thing a cardinal could do is hound everyone about everything like an overbearing momma. It would seem wise and prudent to be judicious about what is being said to “call out” others.

One would presume that Biden, as a Catholic, knows the teachings of the Church in those other areas. Perhaps he needs primarily to be reminded on this one crucial one that he seems to be ignoring.

Killing innocent human beings isn’t one issue among many, it is a crucial one that reflects many of those others. Respect for human life, especially the most vulnerable form of it.


In other words, there is no ‘correct’ course of action, so Cardinal Burke ought to resort to inaction and silence. How is that for “nuance?”

What words or thoughts, precisely, would you suggest are those you would endorse?

By the way, “gun control, social health care, immigration, refugees, and foreign policy” are subject to different perspectives and solutions.

Abortion is the killing of an innocent human being. There is NO other legitimate perspective other than that it is immoral.


needs to be said again

gun control, social health care, immigration, refugees, and foreign policy” can have different solutions

abortion is the killing of a child. it is wrong however it is carried out.


You are the one making it political. There is not an explicit Catholic position on gun control. There is not an explicit catholic position on immigration. There is not an explicit catholic position on refugee policy. There is not an explicit Catholic position on foreign policy. There are only universal truths and teaching that can be applied in many different ways. The Democratic Party platform in these matters and others is not the Catholic Church platform, however much you may wish it to be.

There is, however, an explicit Catholic position on abortion, and I hope you are not of the opinion that being a member of the Knights of Columbus makes one a member of a cult, makes one a hateful person, or disqualifies one from public office, as was explicitly said by one Kamala Harris. So what, exactly, is the problem with a Cardinal saying so, when so many other clerics refuse to utter a word.


Look at the article. It’s as political as you can get! Let us take then some other examples, contraception let us say, I wouldn’t mind betting there are more than a few political figures who make money from firms which manufacturer or provide them; where’s the big call out on that? Let’s face facts here, Card. Burke is promoting a political party and it is not very heavily veiled.

I haven’t said anything of the sort or even referred to them; actually quite pleased to see what they are doing with refugees at the border.

No, actually. He is promoting a moral position that, at this moment in time, happens to coincide with the view of one political party, but not another.

That does not make Cardinal Burke political, it makes him morally consistent.

I am certain that if the Democratic Party (and Joe Biden) were to denounce abortion and seek to have it outlawed, Cardinal Burke would have to problem endorsing the political views of Biden and the Democrats on the topic of abortion.

Political views have moral implications. That is about the only conclusion to be drawn here.

To claim Cardinal Burke is promoting one political party “but not another,” based upon his moral position is to make an inductive fallacy, besides sounding disingenuous.


The Cardinal is not endorsing any political party. He is upholding the moral teachings of the Church. That is his job.


From the article…

“I’ve had non-Catholic leaders of government in this nation tell me that they were certain that the Catholic teaching on abortion and so-called same-sex marriage have changed because so many Catholics on Capitol Hill are regularly supporting this kind of legislation. And that’s a scandal,” Cardinal Burke said in an exclusive interview on Fox News’

From my personal experience.

Not long ago about 2015, I had facebook and found my self arguing with another Catholic, whom I did not personally knew. The arguments we had were about abortion, same sex marriage and religious freedom. The guy was a liberal lifelong Democrat, often citing Catholic Democrats and how they where still in good standing, like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden.

Remembering that Jesus sent people two by two, I decided to ask a good friend from my parish, to help me dialogue with this person on Facebook. My friend is very involved in the parish. Leading studies, involved in lots of ministries and part of the staff.

To my surprise… He agreed with the man I was arguing with on facebook. The guy from my parish used the same talking points. He said to me that there are more Catholic Democrats than republican Democrats and that they are in good standing. Sad to say, that our friendship is just cordial at the moment. But we do not talk about politics at all. I have found a few other staff members having his same views, not all, but others. We have a decent size staff.

I can sympathize with Cardinal Burke, because this is one of my stories. I do not even ask about politics anymore in my parish staff.

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