RCC killed Millions in history


I seem to hear alot about how the RCC had millions of people killed throughout history.

My question is are there any other christian groups that have killed RCC’s or others? if so, can you show me a link or refer some books?


First, don’t believe everything you hear.

Second, there’s a question of what to consider as “Christian.”

Thirdly, I think you can look at Eusebius’ or Theodoret’s Ecclesiastical histories for accounts of Christian (Catholic) martyrs dying at the hands of Christian heretics, notably the Arians in Theodoret.

Fourthly, there is a lot of bunk about the “Trail of Blood”: the constant persecution of the evil Catholic church against the innocent pure invisible church through the ages. This is a terrible oversimplification. There is a lot of blood on both sides, and a huge amount of Catholic blood has been spilled down through the ages by those who desired to remain faithful to their Lord and savior. The Catholic church has also spilled blood in the same manner, but I think “millions” is a gross exageration.

Fifthly, in World War II the Japanese, Russians and Germans all killed or imprisoned Catholics who desired to practice their faith.

You can look at the attempts in history of the Muslims and the Chinese and the Japanese to wipe out the church. There is a trail of blood through history, cited in Hebrews 11, but it is primarily the blood of those who chose to follow God rather than the world system. In every age there have been Christians who have died for what they believed, from the persecution of Saul recorded in the book of Acts to what is going on now in Saudi Arabia, North Korea and other places.

I don’t have links right now - gotta go - but a quick internet search will probably allow you to find a lot of material on this.


I am not Catholic Bashing but you must admit that the CC TRIED to kill my ancestor Jacques de Chiel in 1572
They did not kill him but he had to flee to Scotland for his life.
Alot of other Protestants were killed, however.
Not bashing just saying that this at least did happen.


First, I notice you use the word “RCC”, which is a prejorative word. You should use Catholic Church instead, which is much more polite.

Second, the Catholic Church has NEVER killed millions of people throughout history.

Yes, the Greek Orthodox Church has directed pogroms towards Catholic Christians and other Christian denominations! This is a fact that the Greek Orthodox Church that killed millions throughout history. If you want some books, I’d advice you to read about the Balkan Wars, which were a religiously motivated war. We all know how Serb equals to Orthodox and Serb nationalism equals Orthodox fundamentalism, which could be called Christian terrorism.

It is an open secret that the Orthodox Patriarch of Belgrade, His Holiness Pavle directed genocide on Croats, Slovenes, Bosniaks and Albanians. The Patriarch issued a fatwa directing Slobodan Milosevic to kill every Catholic, Protestant, and Muslim.

Praise be to Jesus our Lord, who sent NATO to save the Catholics from the Butcher of the Balkans, Slobodan Milosevic, an Orthodox Christian fundamentalist. Milosevic is humanity’s greatest terrorist, yes, worst than Osama bin Ladin.

Slobodan Milosevic was canonised as a saint by an Orthodox synod, and he is known as Most Blessed Slobodan of Belgrade. He was canonised as a martyr who died resisting the War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

Also, there is another excellent book worth reading titled: War in Chechnya - A Crusade against Islam. It is written in Bahasa Melayu but if you can read it, its very interesting. This book describes the inner workings of the Orthodox theocracy, Russia, which is controlled by a power hungry dictator, His Holiness Aleksy II, who is puppet master of all Russians. Aleksy II appointed Vladimir Putin as Csar and directed him to commit pogroms against not just Muslims in Chechnya but also Catholics, Protestants, and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

So, please do NOT condemn Israel for occupying Palestine, a fictionous state, but first condemn Russia and Serbia. Ethnic Jews being God-chosen race were granted right to occupy the land of Israel (“erets Israel”) in 1948 and that is why for nearly half a century (58 years) Israel has existed in defiance of global will. OTOH, the Serbs had no such right to occupy Yugoslavia, and likewise Russians have no such rights to occupy Chechnya, Tatarstan, and Dagestan.

God quickly dismantled the proud Anti-Semitic Serbs and expuled them from Yugoslavia, which they illegally colonised. In fact, God had no mercy for the Serb race, he chased them out of their birthplace, Kosovo and gave it to the Albanians, who are Zionists! Someday, Russians will be driven out not just from Chechnya but also Dagestan, Tatarstan, and mind you Vladimir Putin will be in the prison in Hague awaiting trial as a war criminal.


Why is St. Bartholomew’s always ignored around here?
Part of confessing sins is to admit that you tried to kill my ancestors and did kill alot of their neighbours and friends.


I am not Protestant Bashing but you must admit that the PC TRIED to kill my ancestor (name deleted because it’s the same as mine) during the reign of Elizabeth I. They did not kill him but he had to flee to Ireland for his life. A lot of other Catholics were killed, however. Not bashing just saying that this at least did happen.

These things were more political than religious in nature, and you can truthfully say that about all the favorite persecution stories Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox have. They do not reflect anything inherent to Catholicism, Orthodoxy or Protestantism. So, other than the fact that sometimes humans act in inhuman ways, it means nothing other than that sometimes people do evil things in the name of religion.


And part of forgiving sins is to not keep bringing them up hundreds of years later.

Your move. :slight_smile:


“RCC” is not pejorative. It diiferentiates the “Roman Catholic Church” from other Churches in the Catholic Tradition: the Eastern Rite Churches, the Eastern Orthodox Churches, and the Anglican Churches. Actually, many Protestant churches think to include themselves in the Church Catholic and feel strongly that the Roman Catholic Church has no exclusive claim on the word “Catholic”.

I think you have the term “RCC” confused with the term “Romanism” which IS widely discerned as pejorative.


I think what you really mean is the Roman/Latin RITE of the Catholic Church. There is NO Roman Catholic Church. The Eastern Catholics are a RITE with in the Catholic Church. There are not a separate church from their western berthern. When you refer to the Church as the Roman Catholic Church you are doing a real disservice to our eastern berthern. The Eastern Catholics do recognize the authority of the Pope. Do you recognize the authority of the Pope?


Does anyone know if catholics and protestants are still killing each other in Ireland? I havent heard anything either because they finally stopped or the terrorists took over the news.

As far as bringing this stuff up hundreds of years later–Santora did not Sandimount.

From what I understand the word RCC is used because the Romans Catholic Church is considered a different entity then the catholic(meaning universal) church. I am part of the catholic(universal)church but Im not part of the RCC as I do not follow the Pope. That of course is from a non-catholics view point. When I say RCC I certainly dont mean any disrespect by it just that I am not part of it.


To answer the original question. People kill people for a wide variety of reasons. The simple fact is Catholics have killed Protestants. Protestants have killed Catholics. Muslims have killed both Protestants, Catholics, and Orthodox. I haven’t dug to deep into this yet but I’m sure the Orthodox have also done their fair share of killing. People sin! It’s a sad fact of life.


Problem is, the original premise (of the church killing millions) is false. There haven’t been that many ‘millions’ of people alive in the entire world in that last 2000 years that there could have even been those’ millions’ around to kill. . .


I would tend to agree with you on the number. The point is that each religion killed each other at some point in history right up to this very day and is going to keep happening until the TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF CHRIST!!


Why is the 30 Years War in Germany (Protestants having at their Catholic neighbours hammer and tongs) ignored by you? Or Calvin’s persecutions of those who disagreed with him?

Or the deaths of so many English Catholics under Henry VIII and Elizabeth I? Of Irish Catholics under William of Orange?


I don’t ignore nor deny it, especially the crimes committed by Henry Tudor Jr. and his vile daughter.
as for the situation with Orange I am a Neo-Jacobite so you should know where I stand on that one. Now if someone will fess up about St. Bartholomew’s Day we shall be even :slight_smile:


There isn’t quite accurate. The entire Church is simply called the Catholic Church. But it is perfectly proper, for the sake of clarification, to differentiate when appropriate between the various rites, i.e., The Roman (Latin rite) Catholic Church, the Byzantine Catholic Church, the Maronite Catholic Church, and so forth. They are are part of the one Church called Catholic.

Where RCC or RomanCatholicChurch are seen to be perjorative terms is when Protestants (and I’m not saying all) use these terms without such distinction or understanding, but simply because they feel it conjures up images of the Evil Empire ancient Rome, which many identify with the Whore of Babylon in the Book of Revelation. Ignorance and old bigotries die hard.

Anyway, it is more proper in these types of conversations, unless you are talking about something distinctively *Roman *Catholic (like the use of Latin) to just simply say “the Catholic Church.”


Did some Catholics try to kill Jacques during the St. Bartholomew’s day massacre? I will accept your word for that, but unless there is documentary evidence that the Catholic Church actually ordered Jacques de Chiel be killed then your statement is inaccurate at best.

Statements such as this forces people to wonder if the event in question is nothing more than a convenient justification for someone’s personal feelings toward the Catholic Church.

I’m not saying this is the case with you or that you are bashing, however asking for a Catholic, any Catholic to “fess up” to something that he or she did not do, or lacking evidence that the Catholic Church did attempt to do, is unreasonable and would only serve as false justification by those who wish to condemn the Catholic Church. As you have stated that is not your intent why would you ask for something so hallow?


I am astonished the CC only tried to kill millions. Not a very furtile mind of its critics. I am sure with a little imagination, that could be turned around into billions!!

I did hear that before the universe was made and before anything was created, the CC actually tried to kill God :rolleyes:


Well, it was Protestant persecution that the Pilgrims were fleeing when they sailed to the New World. There has been much Protestant on Protestant violence. Their violence against eachother isn’t any less anti-Christian than any violence that may have been carried out by a Catholic in the name of Christianity.

The Protestant Inquisition AKA “The Reformation”:



If you go back earlier than the 16th century, your ancestors were Catholic. Do only the Protestants count as “ancestors”? Also, St. Bartholomew’s Day was a political event carried out by the French government. I have many Protestant ancestors myself, but even if I didnt’, “I” didn’t try to kill any of your neighbors or friends.

Through my Irish grandmother, I’m descended from the O’Neills of Ulster. Have you heard of the “Flight of the Earls”? My family fled Protestant persecution and were exiled in France. When they returned, they were forced to live on the fringes of society, tending to what was once their property, while Protestants reaped the benefits of that fertile land. But since my ancestors are from Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, I actually have family from all sides of the history of the British Isles. So, that was then. It’s not worth getting my undies into a bundle, is it? I don’t think so anyway.

But really, I think this thread is all just a distraction from the truth, which is that the Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ. And Protestants stand outside the fullness of truth.

But if it is a Church-wide apology you want for all of the atrocities carried out by people who were Catholic, you are 6 years too late in your request. Don’t you remember Pope John Paul II’s Papal apology?

This site gives more than one angle to the “Papal Apology” of Pope John Paul II:


Of course, for some people saying “sorry” just isn’t good enough. So, there will always be detractors. Now, if I could just find that apology by Protestant leaders. It must be around here somewhere… :nerd: :frowning:

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