I received a booklet in the mail today from a group called RCF or Roman Catholic Faithful. Stephen Brady is the president of this group out of Illinois. I was heartsick reading the horrible things written by this group about our wonderful Bishop, Robert Finn. Is anybody familiar with this group?

I am not familiar with them but CatholicCulture.org, which does a good job evaluating websites, has this to say about them.

The Roman Catholic Faithful (RCF) is an organization of Catholics who claim to be completely faithful to the teachings of the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. Some of their members are priests and religious, but most are ordinary laity. Their main goal is to fight actively and spiritually to restore Holy Mother Church. While this is a laudable goal, unfortunately RCF’s methods often reveal a lack of prudence and humility. The language used on the site and in RCF publications, as well as many of its public campaigns, tend to call into question the authority of the Pope and the Bishops to regulate Church matters.


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