RCIA and Discernment


Hey guys,

So I just started the process of RCIA but prior to RCIA I did some personal study and asked a lot of questions. I’m a young woman trying to figure out my place in life. I’m curious about religious life. I know that formal discernment cannot take place until after I’ve been received into the church. I also know that it’s a recommendation/requirement to wait 1-2 years after confirmation. Should I plan on waiting at least 2 years after confirmation? Is that a wise move? I feel like if I did that it’d give me a chance to explore what the life of a catholic layperson was like and get more involved in my parish.


There’s nothing to stop you from looking into things now. You can start to learn about different religious communities and get a sense of where you might belong. If there are convents near you, you could visit them. You’ll get to know them and they’ll get to know you and that’s a good thing. Once you’ve entered the Church you’ll need to wait before you could actually enter a community, and that will give you a chance to live as a lay Catholic as well.

A friend of mine went through RCIA and was very interested in the Poor Clares. She visited with them while she was still in RCIA. (They were local so it was easy to do.) After she was received into the Church she talked with them more formally about joining their community. She had to wait while before that was possible, but it all worked out well.

Just keep a prayerfully open mind and see what happens.


Yes, and you can also be making retreats with different orders. Even now.


I’ve also got an interest in a number of third order groups.


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