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I am entirely new here so I hope that this is in the right section but I was wondering I am due to start my RCIA classes on September 7th and my family is talking about moving to closer to other members of my family in a different state (it is still up in the air whether or not we will) and I have been looking forward to starting RCIA but I worry that I may be forced to move in the middle of the classes should I just wait or should I go through with starting the classes?


Do you know when you might be certain whether you’re moving? I would just go to the folks who run the RCIA program and let them know that you have no idea whether you’re moving, but that you should know by such-and-such a date; and ask whether they mind if you participate in the program. At the very least, you’ll get an introduction to the teachings of the Church, if they’re willing to let you participate, given your uncertainty about the future…


I say, jump on in. While it’s unlikely the second parish will have exactly the same schedule of instruction, you might still be able to “transfer” into the other class without having to wait until next year. Even if this isn’t possible, it can’t hurt to have the additional instruction.


Thank you for your comments. :slight_smile: The reason I am so worried is that I’m not even sure if we are moving there are several things that are up in the air that have to do if we are going to move plus I looked up the place we would be moving to and the closest Catholic Church is a little over half a hour away and I worry that I wouldn’t be able to attend every week my family isn’t that supportive to begin with (devout Baptists) and right now I am right down the road from the local parish. So the whole situation has me a bit apprehensive.


Go ahead and start. one can never have too much education. :wink:
And if and when you DO relocate, be sure to ask the RCIA Director what series or curriculum their program was using. That way you can inform your new parish of your progress. You might even get him or her to write a letter of introduction for you to your new Pastor and RCIA Director on the other end.
Good luck!


Go ahead and start and let your RCIA folks know about your situation. I had someone partway through RCIA move and start at a new parish. I worked with the director there to make sure they knew which rites he had already been through and generally where things stood with him. It all went smoothly.


You may as well start the classes so that, if your new parish permits, you can transition into their class mid-year. Worst case they will ask you to start fresh next year – but if you don’t at least start there then you will definitely have to start fresh next year, anyway.



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