RCIA and sponsors


My husband and I are starting the process of converting. We have a couple that has volunteered to be our sponsors but aren’t really the best fit. Do we need separate sponsors or can we have the same person?


I think this depends on the parish. At the parish where I’m doing RCIA, sponsors are allowed to sponsor two candidates. But it might be different where you’re at. You’ll have to talk to the priest/RCIA coordinator.


Not trying to be provocative, but having been an RCIA catechist for about 9 years, I’m wondering what makes one a best or less than best fit for sponsorship…just curious.

But, I pray for your Journey of Faith and join you in your looking forward to entering into full communion with the one Holy, catholic, and Apostolic Church.


It’s just this particular situation. One half of the couple is always “fighting” with several other members of the parish who also happen to be fellow parents in my daughter’s school. I just feel it’s best to stay neutral. My brother in law is Catholic, I just didn’t know if he could be a sponsor to us both. He also isn’t local which could be an issue I suppose.


Yes, it can depend on the parish. I coordinate RCIA at my parish, and we have no problem letting the same person be the sponsor for multiple people. I can see how some other parish might prefer that you each have your own just because it can make things go more smoothly logistically at the Easter Vigil.

But there is no universal Church law that would forbid the possibility.


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