RCIA and Voting


Today is RCIA, the priest who was teaching the class taught that as Catholics, we are obligated to vote. He added that sometimes–most of the time, our vote will be for the lesser of the evils. I have never deliberately voted for evil. We ran out of time before I could ask any further questions about this.

Why should we vote if we know the person we are voting for is evil or has an evil agenda?


Then don’t vote for the person who is evil or has an evil agenda. Thoroughly research your candidates of all parties and determine which one is most aligned to the Catholic faith.


I haven’t voted since 2008 for that reason.


There have been plenty of local elections filled with good guys and gals in my area that I have voted for. Whether it’s at the local, state, or federal level; there are usually a few people you can vote for.

As far as the presidential election, I would agree with you that we have not exactly had a pro-Catholic-values choice recently.


You can always write someone in. The principle the priest is trying to get across is that in our system, we all are given a little share in the public authority so we are obliged to use it as justly as possible. In a monarchy, the king is obliged to govern justly. In our system, we all have to do our part.


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