RCIA book on the Mass

Greetings in Christ!

Our RCIA team is looking for a simple explaination for RCIA canidates on the Mass. I have many books on the Mass, but they are more on the theology and graces of the Mass. Many want to start going but don’t know what to do so we are going to teach this part of our faith earlier in our program. Thanks and God’s blessings to each of you!

Steve Moore

Use a missal. Everything is there to “practice” with.
You can also explain how to use the missal which seems to be really confusing to non-catholics. Can’t imagine why, but it is.

we order the Sunday missalettes from St. Joseph, the annual, available in bulk from most Catholic bookstores and catalogs at about $2, they will be shipped in October or November for the next liturgical year, all the readings, order of the Mass, all the proper prayers, all the Eucharistic prayers

You might find Catholic Answers’ apologist Jimmy Akin’s 32-page booklet, Mass Appeal: The ABCs of Worship, helpful.

Celebrating the Mass by Fr. McBride from Our Sunday Visitor Press is also a good resource for teen or adult classes, and inexpensive enough to buy pamphlets for use by all candidates.

I am a Catholic from birth but there are questions I often have on the Mass and certain aspects thereof.

A book that I have found to be excellent is "The How-To Book of the Mass by Michael Dubruiel.

There are step-by-step guidelines and the book explains the Liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist.


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