RCIA class 2018-2019 ✝️


Well, it’s that time of year! Anyone else out there starting RCIA classes? Are you following a particular program? Using particular materials? Please share!

I’m very excited to FINALLY be starting classes after all this time!


Great to hear. All the best to everyone starting RCIA!


Great to hear that you’re starting RCIA, I hope it’s Catholic enough!


Well, we will be using the new RCIA program from the Thomistic Institute called Credo. I have no reason to expect that it will be anything other than Catholic.


Good for you, mrsdizzyd!

@Agatha_Sicily, where are you?


Oh that sounds Catholic alright!


Yea! @mrsdizzyd. This will be my second year as a catechist and we use the Benzinger Foundations in Faith more or less as a guide. We don’t use any workbooks or anything like that. Keep us updated!


I’m here!!! I went to my first RCIA class tonight. We got The New Catholic Answer Bible and the second edition of the CCC. It was a good experience, I made a friend and we discussed the idea of forming a Catholic group on campus (we don’t have one here) with the RCIA coordinator.


Yay! Sounds like you are well on your way. I was wondering if you had had a chance to contact the local parish yet. :+1:


I’ll definitely try to provide updates. I hope you have a good year with your candidates and catechumens!


best news ever


I am beginning my 8th year of teaching. We use the Symbolon program and have added three additional lessons on the Eucharist, and three on Reconciliation. We are called to a lifetime of formation, and these two sacraments are the surest way to keep forming ourselves. We will also be stressing the spiritual benefits of Adoration.


God bless everyone who is taking RCIA classes. May your journey be glorious! Amen.


I am starting RCIA in September in the UK along with my husband and my two youngest children. We are former Baptists but have been attending Mass for about a year.


Looking forward to welcoming you all home Easter 2019.


How wonderful to be coming in as a family! I hope you enjoy it.


As opposed to the Methodist RCIA program many Catholic Churches have adopted?


I have been considering RCIA for a number of years now but must say in all honesty I’m not ready to take this step just yet. Maybe next year.


You know you can take RCIA even if you aren’t ready to receive the sacraments, right?


I became aware of that recently, yes. It’s the social involvement I shy away from. :slight_smile:

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