RCIA Classes and Humanae Vitae

Should RCIA classes clearly warn catechumens that use of artificial contraceptives is sinful, and that those already using artificial contraceptives who intend to continue using artificial contraceptives after their initiation into the Faith “need not bother applying”?

When I taught RCIA, and I gave gave frank answers to catechumens’ questions about ABC – “Yes, use of ABC is sinful”; “Yes, chronic deliberate defiant use is probably seriously sinful and grounds for being barred from receiving the Eucharist”; “Yes, it is improper to use ABC, confess it, use it, confess it, use it, confess it, indefinitely like that, because there’s probably no true contrition – you’re never really intending to ‘not commit the sin again’”; yes, that’s probably a sacrilegeous use of the confessional and sacrilegeous receipt of the Eucharist afterward, if there’s no intent to actually really stop using ABC" – I was told by the RCIA Director to stop.

About a year ago, one of our local pastors was upset with me when I told him that our Buddhist neighbors decided to not convert to the Faith when I told them that Catholics regard use of ABC as sinful, so that there is an implicit requirement to switch to NFP if one wants to control conceptions and has good grounds to do so. “DON’T TELL THEM THAT!” he chided. “ABC ISN’T IMPORTANT!”

Right or wrong?: Catechumens should be expressly warned.

Remember that ABC (1) is one of the great questions of the age; and (2) probably is the main generator of the ethos which underlies the Pro-Choice Movement.

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