RCIA Conversion

RCIA candidate here. Still learning. May I be converted if I am not married in Catholic church? Was Baptised Catholic, married protestant.

Yes, you can still be Confirmed even if your protestant spouse doesn’t follow you in your conversion.

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The OP was asking about conversion, not Confirmation. Also the OP said he/she was baptized in the Catholic Church

Also, he/she needs to speak to a priest who can ask questions and give correct answers as to what needs to be done.


You are not converting - rather you are “reverting”. You are already catholic by virtue of your baptism. You are attending RCIA to return to your faith. This is truly commendable and I wish you every blessing on your journey.

Taking the advice of a catholic priest is best to answer your query thoroughly, but marriage to a non-catholic should not be an impediment to your reversion.

God bless


Is it usual to be confirmed during advent, not just Easter

You should speak to your Catholic pastor. Your marriage likely needs convalidation. This should be simple if this is the only marriage for each of you. It can be done whether your spouse wants to become Catholic or not.

Speak to your pastor, he can guide you.

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The Bishop of your diocese has apostolic authority. Therefore, I dont think it as a question of usual or unusual. Your local parish priest is well equipped to guide you. Parishes often have a calendar to support preparation in a manageable and organised manner. But when it comes to administering the sacraments of the faith, my understanding is the parish priests and Bishops are able to meet the needs of the faithful as required and any time during the year if deemed necessary.

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