RCIA debate on Overpopulation



The overpopulation believers are a majority,

I said question the overpopulation myth?

Why do our young people believe in overpopulation, because it is taught in schools?

Give me some good quotes and web sites to cheer on big families, all God gives is a blessing?

Give God Grandkids

Thanks John








Without immigration or an increase in total fertility rates, all of these countries will have declining populations over the next few decades. Some of the lowest total fertility rates include developed as well as developing countries alike. For example: Singapore at 1.07, Lithuania at 1.21, Czech Republic at 1.22, Japan at 1.23, and even Canada at 1.61 (the European Union as a whole has a very low total fertility rate of 1.5!)

It’s a myth these folks are perpetrating. Wise them up!




Here are some sites and info: cwnews.com/news/viewstory.cfm?recnum=32352&repos=4&subrepos=0&searchid=126930




All debunk the “overpopulation” myth. The problem with “overpopulation” is that the only people who believe it are WASPs and their propoganda machine. In developed countries, birth rates are falling at such an alarming rate that entire cultures could disappear by 2010 (Sylvester, 2005). God does provide. America produced more corn than ever this year (AP, today) to such an extent that corn farmers are leaving their harvest outside. We have tons and tons of food. Over population would suggest that in some way the earth could not sustain us… that we would have so many people that arrable land would be taken up by living. Does that seem likely? In the US? In Europe?

And know that the Muslim people don’t feel the same way in that they do not proactice (for the most part) birth control and therefore have large families. And in European countries, are replacing the existing culture…


Most people simply are confused.
There is a difference between over-population and over-consumption or wastefullness
Is there a problem in some countries of over-consumption and wastefulness? Most certainly! But that has nothing to do with the population number.

Most american probably throw away more food in a week than the majority of citizens in 3rd/2nd world countries actually get to eat in 2+ weeks.

So whenever I hear over-population, my first response is to correct them on the real issue - wastefullness and disregard for our fellow man in need.

**The answer to poverty is not extinction - it’s generosity.:thumbsup: **


Oh, and this one is good: humanlifeinternational.com/condom_expose.html


Here in liberal Portland, Oregon, I hear lots of people on the bus speaking about the horrors of overpopulation. I have always wanted to ask them the following:

To reduce population, shall we start with you? Should all population control advocates be sterilized, or is that just for people in third world countries? Will you agree to have abortion forced upon your wife or girlfriend should you become pregnant, or is that just for people in third world countries? Will you agree to be euthanized because some official at the UN decrees that you never should have been born, and that your presence is bad for the planet?

The earlier poster was right; the population control freaks think horrible sacrifices should be made by someone else. They are the elites who think that, because of their enlightenment, they should do well while everyone else suffers. Did someone say, “Josef Stalin?” - Rob


I recall an old Peanuts cartoon. Sally Brown is giving a class report. She states: “Everyone thinks there are too many people in the world, but no one wants to leave.”

I was told that Schultz worked sometimes with the minister of the Congregational Church in the town where I lived back east. There is a lot of Christian teaching in some of his strips.


Too funny… shall we start with you??? Like they would ever agree!!!


Does nayone have recent stats on these population trends?


Using the numbers here,


You should buy and watch the new film Demographic Winter. That’ll be sure to shut em up. :thumbsup:


I looked at the trailer for Demographic Winter and wow. I have a friend who did his Master’s Thesis on the loss of French culture. France, as an independent culture will be gone sometime shortly after 2010. It’s scary. And they are worried about population.


What do you mean by this? It’s a common thing to say that America and Canada have no culture, but really our culture is just MTV and the Simpsons. It may not be very edifying, but it’s culture.


Refer such folks to google “VHEMT” The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement. I’ve read a BUNCH on that website and I’m STILL not sure if it is econut propaganda or satire. No matter, whatever the intent of the author VHEMT is the logical outcome of the ‘deep ecology’ movement worldview and ought to give some of those just experimenting with ‘greeness’ some food for thought.

In other words, VHEMT is what happens when the pot finally boils. Expose the frog to it NOW and perhaps he’ll jump out!


I believe the stats I posted at the top of the thread are current.:wink:


Birth rates around 2.9 on average mean that the world population is getting higher and higher. Now add to that life expectancy is increasing. Both contribute to total head count. I Remember in school them talking about a world population of about 4 Billion. Now it is over 6.5 and climbing. It is a shame that the biggest growth is occuring in countries that are least able to handle them.

While it is not fair to single any individual out, as a global society we do have to contend with our impact on our planet.

By the way there are some liberals who seem to be anti human in that they not only want to be conservative with our impact on the planet but would prefer humans had no impact on the earth.


These folks are just sick. Yeah, sure… some Neandradummy (their word) paused while eating his Wooly Mammoth and said, “darn, no more mammoth tonight. Maybe I shouldn’t have killed the very last one.” You know, the good thing, I guess, is that if they are opposed to birth, then they will remove themselves from the gene pool quickly. My heart goes out to these fools and hopes some day they may turn from their wicked ways. I know, that sounds contradictory from my last statement, but it isn’t. God is merciful and He is just. If they don’t change their minds here, then they will just change their minds in the next world (Purgatory and Heaven… or Hell depending on their love).

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