RCIA differnt parish what now?

Hello all , I hope to start RCIA in the fall I was going to do it last year but I got in to late but they don’t run it at my parish they run at a differnt parish so my question is would I be able to go to that one even though I don’t attend that parish if my parish doesn’t do one and will be be received at that church or my own parish and will I be a member and receive the sacraments at my parish church even though I will be received at a differnt parish church ?

Thanks chuck

I am in the same boat. My parrish is small and I am the only new person so I have to do mine elsewhere also.
I wish I could do this right there in my home church but that is not to be.
I find it a bit sad, I guess I have to attend mass there until after confirmation as well and I sure will miss my home church and people. Not to mention having to drive there in the winter :frowning:
There are people in my home parrish that are willing to teach me so I dont really why.
I am sure it will be worth it though!!

These are questions to ask your pastor. Individual situations vary from place to place.

You enter the Catholic faith…that is what RCIA is all about.

You*** join ***a Parish.

Any parish should welcome you into the faith, without expecting you to join their parish.

My parish is in a military town, and we have lots of transient military personnel, who attend RCIA while stationed here, and end up joining parish around the world.

Peace and all good!

The way I see it, you can do your RCIA at any parish you wish. So you’ll be able to do it at the parish that runs it, even though it’s not the parish you usually visit.

While you go through RCIA there is no reason why you can’t still worship at your home parish.

On Easter vigil you enter the Catholic Church. This will happen in the RCIA parish. But you’re not a member of only that church. There is no reason why you can’t then receive the sacraments in your own parish church as well as any other Catholic church in the world - you will be Catholic :smiley:

Well done on joining the RCIA programme, I am starting it in September too :slight_smile: Good luck with it.

This is one of those questions that is best and fully answered by asking people in real life, that is, by asking the pastors of these parishes, or asking the people who run the RCIA programs.

As someone who runs RCIA at my parish I can assure you it matters not which parish you take RCIA in, in a sense by becoming a catholic you are a member of every parish everywhere in the world. It is not uncommon in large urban areas or even widley sparse rural areas for one parish to be designated as the one to run the RCIA program. In my Diocese of Whitehorse (Yukon and Northern BC Canada) only the Cathederal in Whitehorse, my Parish, Dawson City and Fort Nelson run the program on any regular basis; 4 parishes out of 23.

Of course we have some unique issues beyond just a severe shortage of priests. With a physical area larger than France and a mere 7,000 catholics, it is often difficult for those wishing to take the program to go to one of the parishes that is running RCIA. On more than one occasion our Bishop has had to run the program on an individual basis during his constant travells covering parishes that do not have a regular priest.

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