RCIA-Exciting and amazing news

RCIA starts tomorrow at my parish, but as you all know i cannot attend on Sunday! Well my Priest sat me down and talked to me, he said that he is going to do it one on one with me (probably) I am sooo happy and this is definetly the answer to my prayers! Pray for me and wow i am just so happy I had to share that! I can’t wait until Saturday for Mass :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :signofcross:

Wonderful news. Praise God!!!:extrahappy::blessyou:

:extrahappy: hooray!!! that’s awesome! good for your priest for taking the extra step so you can be properly formed :slight_smile: i will keep you and your class of other RCIA participants in my prayers!! easter will come SO SOON!! god bless!!! big hugs from kansas!

Congratulations! This is indeed wonderful news. :crossrc:

I’m happy for you! How wonderful! And especially getting one on one with the Priest. I envy you! That’s great though! Congratulations!

Thanks so much for the replys! Now if it wouldonlyhurry up and be Saturday :slight_smile:

You will get a chance to ask all those questions that you might not in a group. and may get much more indepth discussions and further ahead with your faith if you are able to really talk with him one on one tailored made for you per se… I am happy for you :D:D:D

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