RCIA for Home-bound


Is there such a thing as RCIA for someone who is essentially home-bound?


Talk to your pastor. He is not absolutely bound to the RCIA process and can allow private instruction.


Call your parish. In my experience, people involved with RCIA will do everything possible to accommodate someone’s special needs.


I agree with the others here (speaking as the RCIA coordinator for my parish). You should definitely talk to your pastor about this.

Ultimately, pastors have a lot of flexibility in this area, and can dispense or adjust the RCIA process as-needed to meet individual circumstances. He should still take steps to ensure that the person is properly catechized, one way or another…although if they are in danger of death, even that can be dispensed and the sacraments given.

Only a priest can determine the appropriate course of action in the individual case, so that’s where you should start!

God bless.


Some years back, when I was in charge of RCIA for my parish, an 80 year old woman in a nursing home wished to become Catholic. A woman in the parish volunteered to be her sponsor. The sponsor attended our meetings each week; then met with her and passed the lesson on to her. A priest says mass at the nursing home each month. At the end of the year he baptized her at the mass.


In a somewhat similar situation, our deacon gave the basic instructions to an elderly lady in a nursing home over the course of a couple months and then she was baptised, confirmed and received First Eucharist.


Thanks everyone! This would be for my father. He’s not completely home-bound, but he has a lot of medical issues. When those problems come together he can be down and out for weeks or months. I cannot see him making it consistently through nine plus months of RCIA. Plus he has a hard time sitting in chairs for any length of time.

I think even the confirmation mass would be difficult for him to get through. We had a boy in our parish who was in the last stages of cancer and a special mass was arranged for him and he was confirmed a few months before his passing. My father’s condition is not that serious, but perhaps something of this nature could be arranged. I’m not sure, but I guess that can be worked out.

I’ll speak with a priest in his area and see what can be arranged. Thanks again!


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