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okay so you may know me from my previous mantilla qestion, well in my Parish RCIA starts Sunday. well the whole rest of my family goes to a Protestat church. my mom/gradma drive me to Church and drop me off on saturday so they can go Sunday (im 14 so no driving for me). RCIA is ONLY on Sunday. I know Catholicism like the back of my hand and believe in everything the Chruch teaches. But my priest insists I wait till Easter to be baptized :frowning: what am i going to do? sorry this is long im just worried :o


Speak to the Pastor of the parish and let them know your situation, and get their advice. If they are not very helpful, call other nearby parishes and ask. Different parishes have different RCIA days and times btw.


Maegan, I will tell you what I tell others.

RCIA is NOT about taking a bunch of classes and knowing a lot of facts about the Catholic Faith. It’s mainly about formation and going through the introductory rites of the Church.

If you know Catholicism like the back of your hand then you know that RCIA is the normal process for the unbaptized. (I take it that you are unbaptized?) And adult baptisms take place at the Easter Vigil unless there is a VERY serious reason to do things otherwise. Formation is the process whereby your heart, your soul, your mind, and your will become conformed more closely to the teachings of Christ.

One of the things you will learn is that the Church takes a very different view of time than most other Christian Churches do. All the different Masses that ever have or ever will take place all over the earth make you present that that one sacrifice on Calvary and at the Last Supper. That once-saved-always-saved moment so important to some Christians is a life-time process for Catholics. My point is, be willing to wait for baptism.

You will find that you are not the same person at Easter as you are today. You will be the Maegan who is prepared to be joined to the body of Christ through the sacrament of baptism.


You have no idea how much that helped. I consider that reply to be a blessing for me! Thanks so much. I feel much much better and am looking forward to RCIA. Keep me in your prayers.


I will keep you in my prayers.



A year ago I was in the same position – I’d decided to convert to Catholicism, spend several months reading some heavy-duty theology, and was eager to receive the sacraments. Once RCIA started, I only got more eager, as the class was not very good and I wasn’t learning anything. I even posted a thread or two here complaining about it!

Well, really, there’s no way out. This is the normative way into the Church, even if some (possibly even most) parishes do a bad job with it. The reason for it is simply that becoming a Catholic entails very, very serious obligations which we need to be aware of, and which we can never escape, once they are accepted.

Stick with it and be patient; you’ll be fine. I got my sacraments on Easter and now I’m helping to teach RCIA this year.


Ok thanks! I am in the EXACT same position that you were in!!! I studied for months!!! And then I was sooo eager, but I still have to go through RCIA! :eek: But haha I’m looking forward to it just so that I can have some time to grow in my Faith! And I absolutely LOVE Lent! So to be baptized on the last day of Lent (Vigil Mass) would be absolutely perfect for me! :smiley:


Lent ends at the beginning of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday.


nope, the last week of Lent is called Holy week, starting on palm Sunday and ending on Holy Saturday. Sunday=Easter. Sooooo vigil mass=last day of Lent? wrong??


Wrong. Lent ends on Holy Thursday at the beginning of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, and the Easter Triduum begins, which is the three days preceding Easter Sunday. You will find this out in RCIA.

God bless you in your conversion process! Welcome to the Catholic Church!


This is correct. It is the beginning of the Paschal Triduum. Which consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil.


thannk you soo much! i did not know thatand no i got to learn something new!


Isn’t everyone technically obligated to follow Church teaching regardless of whether they formally accept them through a ceremony? I mean, once you learn about the concept of mortal sin, what is and isn’t a mortal sin, etc., you can’t just go on committing them willy-nilly just because you don’t sign on the line to become officially Catholic, right? One’s ability to enter heaven doesn’t get harder just because one fully converts – it stays as hard as it was before, no?


Welcome! OK, you might look at it this way: God has waited 14 years for you. Can you wait 8 months for Him?


Meagan, another option might be to ask your RCIA instructor if there’s anyone in the parish who would be willing to drive you to and from RCIA on Sundays so your mom and grandmother can go to the protestant church.

I’m willing to bet they’d do their best to arrange transportation for you.


My mother and grandma still attend their church, i just go to vigil Mass. I’m sure my mom wouldnt let me go to Church with a stranger even if she knew they were a good person.


O wow never have i thought of it that way! thanks! and yes i can! :smiley:


You sound like a very sweet young lady. Just thought I'd let you know.:)


Thanks :slight_smile:


It takes a sweet person to know a sweet person. :smiley:

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