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I am currently in RCIA and living with my fiance. Since I started RCIA we have started to live as brother and sister. I spoke to the priest at our church and was told I would need to fill out a document stating we are living as brother and sister so I’m able to receive my sacraments this coming April. Does anyone know what this Document is called and am I suppose to bring my fiance with me? I called the priest back to ask but he is a very busy man and was not available.


Welcome! I’m a convert too, but I was married at the time so I cannot answer your question. Just wanted to say hello and good luck. The Easter Vigil is my favorite service of the year because I love to see new members enter the Church.


Thank you. I first put my daughters through the sacraments because it was important to me for them to know and love God. I hope to do the same


I don’t know what it is called, but you might try contacting your priest again, the parish office, or the diocesan office. The alternative would be to move out into some sort of temporary housing until Y’all are married.


Do you have a sponsor who can help you with this? I know the priest is busy but I’d call the office to get more information.
May God bless you


Welcome, Mary!

If they needed you to bring your fiancé they would tell you, so don’t worry about it.

And if your priest did not tell you that you needed to live elsewhere for the next month, don’t worry about that either. You will find that you will receive many different kinds of answers on CAF.

Your safest bet is speaking to someone at your parish, even the RCIA leader if the priest is unavailable.

Welcome home!


Yes I do but they aren’t sure on this either. I did call the office left a voicemail I have an appointment today with the priest as well was just trying to be fully prepared. :blush:


Thank you for that I was really starting to stress myself out. I will reach out to my RCIA leader


It is probably a statement saying that you agree to live in a chaste manner or something.


No, because there is no such document for the entire Catholic Church. It may be something that is required by your diocese or parish. It seems rather unhelpful of the priest to tell you a document is required and not specify what it is. You should go back to the priest and ask him what exactly it is he wants.


Hi, Mary! Welcome to CAF!

There’s no ‘official’ document like this. Your priest is just asking you to affirm that you’ve made this commitment. I might recommend that you simply write up a letter, stating that you and your fiance share an address, but that you’re living “as brother and sister” until your wedding.

If they want something other than that, then let them tell you. :wink:

Congratulations on your upcoming reception of the sacraments at the Easter Vigil!!!

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