RCIA- needed for me?


I am not yet baptised and can’t be until I’m 18. I study the Catholic faith (and probalby know it) better than anyone who has been through RCIA. --> I’m not bragging, I just know the material they cover and what I’ve covered in the last 3 years and I know that I’ve done much more. So do you think my priest will make me go throuygh RCIA?


Since you aren’t baptized, you will have to go through RCIA. There are some Rites that are part of the process that are totally worth the wait. I know what you mean though about knowing the material - the RCIA director will tell anyone who asks that I helped her teach the “RCIA Summer Intensive” that I went through last June-August. I had already studied for myself and had all my objections answered before I would cross the threshold of a Catholic Church. However, having head knowledge about the Catholic faith and living the Catholic faith are two totally different animals. RCIA will help you really become Catholic, not just know about Catholicism, make sense?

When will you be 18?


God bless your journey and may the Holy Spirit deepen the knowledge you have into deep experience of the truths you have already learned. God grant that you will find yourself delighted and thankful for the experience as you go through the RCIA journey with others.
Bless you, Trishie


RCIA is not the same as catechism class, though learning about the faith is part of the process. There are actual rites that you go through on the way to getting baptized, there’s the conversion process you go through (conversion of heart, learning patience and humility for example), and there’s the community-building aspect of the process.

It’s good that you already know a lot about the Church. Some of the people going through the process will also be knowledgeable, and some will be less so. You’ll learn from all of them and build relationships that will be special.


I came into the church on Easter 2007!
I loved the RCIA classes. You learn so much more than
just the basic rules. TRY IT, YOU’LL LOVE IT!


He should, because RCIA is a Liturgical Rite, a process.
It’s not a Class.


You probably will need to go through RCIA. But don’t fear it! RCIA is a truly awesome experience! Its also very fun! I remember that when I was in RCIA, we sometimes took trips to various places and such. And you’d be surprised. Even though you know the material it doesn’t meant that you won’t learn something.


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