RCIA newbies!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say “hi”. My fiance and I are just starting out in the RCIA program at our parish here in San Diego. Last week was the first class for the both of us. It was a blast!

A little about the two of us. I was born into a Catholic family. My mother and her family were devout Catholics, mass every Sunday and a few times during the week. My brother was baptized and confirmed. My father however was LDS and I never was baptised. I have no reason why:confused: It was probably the fact thaty my mother quit attedning mass except on high holy days.
My fiance was raised and baptized Baptist. She is very new to the Catholic church. So much of what is done during mass is all new to her. She is very curious though and does love mass!

Anyways, just wanted to introduce ourselves. You’ll probably be hearing from us in the future.


welcome to CAF! God bless you both on your journey!

Hi Brett (and Fiance!)

My husband and I started RCIA about 5 months ago, so I wanted to be sure to respond to your post! First off, welcome!! I am so excited for both of you. My husband and I are in California also, and are very much enjoying RCIA. There is much to learn, and much that we don’t know. I was baptized Baptist, my husband was baptized in a non-denominational Protestant church. So we were both very unfamiliar with Mass and other aspects of Catholicism. But we are loving Catholicism so much, and are enjoying everything we are learning. I wish you guys the best, and look forward to getting to know you both!


Howdy! I live a couple of hours from you. I entered RCIA as a Candidate last September, as a 62 year old. My RCIA path has not been useful, as I was dumped in with the Catecumans. To date, I have learned nothing from my RCIA class. Of course, other members in this forum preach to me about this wonderful chance to learn patience and obediance:rolleyes:

As a brush up, I use catechismclass.com and their Adult ED/RCIA Disciple Program. I am also entering a 4 year formation program for a penance group. :thumbsup:

I am looking forward to the easter Vigil and the end of this RCIA

Well, I hope I have a better time in my class. I am pretty familiar with the basics of the Church. It will be nice to learn more though and I hope to learn more.

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