Rcia: not sure if my confirmation was valid tonight?

I was just brought in to the church tonight and my scrupulous nature is in full effect. The confirmation rite wasn’t explained well to us candidates (I am already baptised) and we were told to have our confirmation names written on paper to give to the Deacon when father approaches us. But it was never really explained why we had it. So I had my saint on paper and I handed it to him when he approached, but I was not aware he would say that name and proceed with the rite " X (Saint name) , I seal you etc"… I actually said to the priest that isn’t my name while he was doing it (having thought he mixed me up with someone else) and I didn’t say the right responses as a result. It threw me for a loop. I feel like this is invalid form and as a result not a valid sacrament. When i approached my pastor after mass about it he said I was OK but I still feel scrupulous about it. What should have been a joyous event has been overwhelming stress and anxiety instead.

What do you think? Am I right in my thinking? Should I be requesting to have it redone?

Your Confirmation name is now part of your name in God’s sight even though it isn’t on legal documents like birth certificates.
It is normal to be called by that part of your name at Confirmation.
May the Holy Spirit fill you with peace!

your confirmation is valid

God is all knowing, he knows what should have been said, what was in everyone’s heart and that we are fallible human carbon based life forms.

You are fully Catholic. Welcome home!

If your pastor said it was ok, then you don’t need any second guessing from us. Just relax and rejoice that you have finally come home to the Church. Don’t ask to have it redone.

The sacrament has been validly administered. Rejoice as the Lord and His Church welcomes you home.

Don’t worry . You have received the Sacrament of Confirmation .

Confirmation names have nothing really to do with the sacrament .

In many parts of the Catholic Church there is no such thing as a confirmation name .

Trust in your Pastor. Welcome to the Catholic Church and home!~

You are fully Catholic. Welcome.

My biggest fear was that due to my lack of correct responses, and also saying to the priest while he was administering the chrism “that’s not my name”, it was invalidated because of improper form or something.

as long as the priest used the oil and said I seal you etc. than it is valid.

the name does’;t make it valid only the I seal you with the Holy Spirit. (this is assuming all had the intention to receive and give the sacrament, which always happens)

If there was a problem, your priest would have fixed it at the time. Don’t worry!

Remember too that 1. you don’t have to succeed at what you do–God is in charge of the outcome; and 2. what you consciously intend and/or consent to counts for a lot more with God, Who can read your heart.

Welcome to the Church!!!

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
Jeremiah 1:5

Welcome home.:slight_smile:

The sacrament has nothing to do with what you do or say. It is given to you and you receive it. The pastor properly gave it. That’s all that matters.

Congratulations! I, too, had confusion that night. I had a last minute confession, literally 10 minutes before the vigil (somehow I was skipped), and I still don’t know what I really should do in Confession. I also stepped on the back of my dress and tripped coming up so I never did the entire Profession…then the priest said the wrong name. At least that’s what I thought. I had put Teresa on my card and I meant Therese. Well he said, “Teresa of Avila” and I was stunned. Later on I came to know that she claimed me. I have a theology degree and struggle really hard with things. But her book, “Interior Castle” really blew me away. So even though I picked a saint, I was claimed by a different saint.

I suffer with scrupulosity so badly I actually am sort of in and out of the Church. I have a priest friend who I meet 1-2 times a year for dinner and we chat about all my insecurities. I suffer with a very severe mental illness and I have no friends and have come to recognize “the look” that means they figured out I’m mentally ill and I might as well hang it up. Scrupulosity is very serious and you need to have a dedicated confessor who gives you very specific instructions. I had a priest who didn’t and when I kept asking for instruction he blew up at me. So I ended up having a church where the priest ignored me, the parish wrote me off and after a year and a half of trying to “win him back” I gave up and went elsewhere. It sounds like your parish is offering reassurance so listen to them. Even if you don’t believe it try to say, “I choose to believe, I choose to believe, I choose to believe.” That being said, I’m sort of in and out, I don’t agree with certain teachings and my mental illness can make me mean and argumentative. I know it’s the illness but often I’m told that I’m not Catholic because I don’t agree with certain things. I avoid being friends with people because it hurts too much to see them back away.

All I can say from all I endured is listen to the priest when he says you’re OK. Ignore your feelings because in your case, they will whisper lies to you. I am on two good medications which are helping a lot but it’s hard.

Ask the saint, whose name you claimed, to intercede for you so that you can proceed. Don’t let a little anxiety rob you of your wonderful Confirmation. Oh, and welcome home.

Bless you,


The name is not essential to the form of the rite. I was confirmed as Augustine.

Nope. 100% valid.

So you’re saying it’s still valid even when you interrupt the priest when he is saying be sealed with the holy spirit? And don’t reply Amen after it? And also don’t reply saying and with your spirit after the priest says peace be with you? Yes, I was thrown that much for a loop :s

There was a huge group of us so father just moved to the next person.

He moved on to the next person because he confirmed you and was finished. He had nothing more to do because YOU WERE CONFIRMED. It’s over. It’s done. You are a confirmed Catholic.

Now quit scrupling about this and go out and live your faith.

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