RCIA Problem in Town


So I’m interested in RCIA again. So I called the church and Father answered the phone. He told me that they aren’t doing RCIA because they didn’t have a big enough class. Which I don’t understand why? On the sign outside it says if interested in the Catholic Faith call ------

I did call, and yet I get told to go to another church.

What should I do? I want to be a member of that church, not of another church!

Any help??? PLEASE!! I care about this church and I do enjoy this priest, but it seems I’m getting turned away time after time… how do you commit when there is no one who wants to commit at the church.

-Ashley Winters


LOVE your POST! Thanks,

Father is skipping on HIS primary responsibility [IMO] that of saving SOULS. He could have OFFERED to give YOU private lessons and instruction.

He choose NOT to make this offer because as a Parish Priest it in the NORM that he is VASTLY overworked and understaffed.

So Going to RCIA in another parish DOES NOT automatically make you necessarily a member of that parish. Once you enter into full communion with the RCC you are FREE to choose what ever Catholic Parish you wish to belong to and simply register with your Parish of choice.

I co-taught RCIA for 3 years before I retired and there ARE many benefits to a Program where others are going though what you will be experiencing in RCIA, and no doubt Father knew that and it is WHY he made that recommendation.

If YOU choose not to participate and HURRY if you do, as that Pastor MAY determine that you’re too late for this year’s class that begins in September. [/] HIS CALL.

Should this be the case [unlikely IMO], then call YOUR Pastor back and ask him IF he might be able to give YOU personal instructions?

Pray very much and LET us know what happens,

God Bless you,


This is important. Once you receive your sacraments of initiation, you are a member of the worldwide Catholic church. At this point you are free to join any Catholic church in the world.


It’s awesome that you are interested in RCIA!

I echo the other posters that when you join “the Church” by going through RCIA, you are becoming a member of the universal Church, not joining a particular parish church. Many parishes don’t have their own RCIA because, due to resources and workload, it makes sense to send all the persons who wish to enter through RCIA to one consolidated class in the area. Afterwards, the new converts are free to practice their Faith at whatever Catholic Church they like, so if you like Catholic Church A and the priest tells you the RCIA classes are only being held at Catholic Church B, that doesn’t mean that by going to the classes, you’re committing to joining the parish of Church B or that you can’t keep attending Mass at Church A. Please don’t take the priest’s remark as rejecting you or sending you away, he was just directing you to where the classes are being held as many places consolidate them so one instructor can teach a larger group.

You can feel free to keep attending the Catholic Church you like while you are going through the process, and after you are fully admitted.


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