RCIA Question - Proof of Baptism

Not really a RCIA question per se, but for brevity’s sake in the topic, I think it makes sense.

Prefacing for those that don’t know, my wife and I are candidates for entering into full communion. Our deacon who is heading RCIA is very busy at the moment, and hasn’t been available for questions. I think our parish just doesn’t have the resources to deal with baptized Christians separately from catechumens, so we’ll probably be lumped into an RCIA class and enter the Church 2010. What can you do?

What I’m wondering is what level of “proof” the Church will need that I was baptized with the Trinitarian formula prior to receiving the Easter sacraments. My wife will most likely have a baptismal certificate, but I don’t have one. I remember being baptized because I was 13 years old, but I certainly don’t remember what words were used. My mother can tell me, “Oh, yes you were baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” but I don’t know if that’s good enough.

Again, this is not a theological question about conditional baptism. I’m simply concerned with the level and form of evidence required. The protestant denomination I was baptized in doesn’t appear to have any available documentation online showing that they prescribe a rubric for the sacrament. [Evangelical Methodist Church, if you’re wondering.] Although, like the United Methodist Church, they seem to prescribe to a rudimentary form of the Anglican articles of religion, two sacraments, and that whole bit.

Any help? Resources? Experiences?



Your diocese over the years has developed a list of Protestant denominations that it has look into concerning their Baptismal practices and Rites. The Evangelical Methodist Church is a common one that is most likely on the list. If it’s not your pastor should contact them and ask some questions. The Methodist practices are also generally well documented.

I might also add that my father and uncle were both Baptized in the Evangelical Methodist Church (1913 &1910) . I have the original of my fathers and a copy of my uncles Baptismal certificate. It is a very large ornate 11X17 document with specific wording “Earl Wilber Smith was Baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, on June 15th 1910” it states where and by who.

I can only tell you the procedurs our diocese uses. I am an RCIA coordinator and just went to training last year where this was touched on.

We have an affidavit form that you and/or a witness to the baptism fills out. Since you were 13, you were sufficiently old enough to remember your own baptism. You simply state that you were baptized, your age, and where/what church.

The diocese takes it from there regarding whether or not conditional baptism is required.

Ah great, so it kinda takes the “variable” out of my hands. Brilliant, thanks so much!

Our Diocese uses the same thing as 1ke mentioned. Both my wife and I (Southern Baptists at the time) had to fill out an affidavit and had it signed by 2 witnesses. Wasn’t a big deal at all…

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