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My 7-year-old daughter did not receive infant baptism. She is currently registered for and attending RCIC classes at our church. I am not familiar with the RCIA or RCIC process as I was given infant baptism and made my First Communion in 2nd grade, etc.

Truth be told, I left the Catholic church in my teens when my parents divorced and my mother stopped taking us to mass. Until then, my mother had been a very devout Catholic and my three brothers and I went to Catholic Schools (I attended through 8th grade). I’m now in my early 40s and recently coming back to the Church and trying to re-learn my faith and provide a good faith education for my daughter.

I have concerns that true RCIC processes and criteria are not being followed in her class. I have attended the first seven classes with her each Sunday and I have been supplementing her education there with things at home.

In another thread I recently started, some of the elements of RCIA/RCIC were introduced to me and I have been researching this every spare moment today.

I have found three websites/groups which provide resources:

Apprentices in Faith
Association of Catechumenal Ministry

The last one seems to offer the best outline and “free” resources online and their materials also seem to be the most affordable; however, even their products are out of my budget right now. Also, they are geared primarily toward Adults.

Apprentices in Faith seems to have the best product/resources developed for children.

I also found an (out of print?) book by Rita Burns Senseman titled A Childs Journey: The Christian Initiation of Children and used copies start around $50!

Here is what I am looking for… FREE or very inexpensive books or materials, preferably geared toward Children. Can anyone help?

It may be that I also need to read and understand the RCIA material so that I know from where the children’s adaptions come. When I get the financial resources, I wouldn’t mind investing in one of the programs I found mentioned above.

If anyone has experience with one or more of these programs, I would appreciate feedback about them and recommendations.

Thanks in advance,



The “bible” for RCIA is the rite itself. This is the version for the US: ltp.org/p-1662-rite-of-christian-initiation-of-adults.aspx

If you don’t have anything else, you need this book.



ACM is the best group that we’ve found. Call them. They will help you.
PM me if you have trouble reaching them.


Thank you! I will get this soon. Payday is the 1st! :slight_smile:


From my brief evaluation online, I have to say I was leaning towards them and not just because of price. Can you tell me why you think they are the best?



If she is in an RCIA program, I don’t understand why you would need to buy these materials.

There isn’t any such thing as RCIC. The RCIA is the RCIA. The **catechesis **is adapted for children. The rites are the rites are the rites.

There are a lot of catechetical programs for RCIA for children, sometimes called “catch up” curriculum.

At www.comcenter.com there are some catechetical materials for children under the RCIA tab.


The OP explained in another topic that she is interested not only for her daughter, but because she would also like to get involved in RCIA for children in the future.

Juliet, something else to look into is whether your diocese or perhaps a Catholic university in the area offers any kind of classes for RCIA. I’m fortunate to live in a large archdiocese so things are perhaps more available here than they might be elsewhere. I took a certification course in RCIA that was wonderful – learning from someone who knows the rites and the process is vital and meeting and talking with other RCIA folks is wonderful. That was at one Catholic university. Another one offers programs dealing with different aspects of RCIA. It’s not quite as comprehensive, but has the advantage of bringing in speakers who really know their stuff and communicate it well.


Ah, gotcha. There’s the missing piece.

I agree, the diocese is a good place to start. Even in our small diocese we’ve had ACM come in for training. They have excellent training.



Thank you for the additional information about AMC. That is helpful. I will call them tomorrow.

RE: a transfer… I would rather not do that because I really like the priests at my Church. I work downtown only two blocks from my church and so I am able to attend mass daily at noon there. This church feels like my home and I am comfortable there. Also, I really want to be a more instrumental part of my daughters spiritual education. It’s important to me. I DO wish that we had more connection to the church community there but we know no one there yet. Perhaps in time?

I think you’re right about no clear outline of the program. I have seen nothing of it and each class seems to be a bit random in format.

By the way, the catechist is a “he”. :slight_smile:


The church has not provided ANY materials for her class. On the first day, the catechist brought about 10 little booklets called Catholic Child’s Prayer Book by Rev Thomas J Donaghy. There weren’t enough for the 36 kids that showed up so I bought one fort daughter for $1.50 in the church bookstore. But it’s just a book of prayers. That’s the only materials that have been presented. Today on this forum is the first I’ve learned of the actual rites and through studying things online, I have learned the absolute basics as far as format and order of the rites. But I know the class I registered her for is titled RCIA adapted for children. I signed the application.


I will check to see if my Diocese offers classes for RCIA instructors. I’m in a larger diocese I think? I live in a major city.

Thank you all for your support,



This is the Rite book. It sounds like she is looking for catechetical material. I would suggest that in addition to RCIA (there is no such thing as RCIC) she enroll the child in religious education where she would receive age appropriate catechesis with kids her age. She should continue this after she has received her sacraments as she would still be young and still needs to be formed in the faith with her peers.


Hi Joannm,

Actually, my daughter is enrolled in RCIA and has been attending for 7 weeks. I have been to every class with her. In another recent thread, I expressed concern about how the class is going (too large: 36 kids, very diverse in age: ranging from. 7-16 years; language barriers for many students; and general chaos, including parent disrespect for class time). In presenting my concerns in my other thread, I inadvertently opened a can of worms and realized that (perhaps) my daughter isn’t receiving the spiritual education that is intended in RCIA. That is why I’m asking for guidance so that I may provide catechesis at home to supplement what she is. receiving on Sunday.


That is way too many kids to be in one “class.” The kids are on such different levels of understanding and maturity. Why don’t you approach the DRE and ask for a copy of the text book they use in religious education classes and use it at home. Or, as I suggested, ask that she attend religious ed classes with her peers. I have a few kids in RCIA. Four of them are in the 13-15 age group and they come to our sessions but usually meet with a catechist of their own and not with the adults. They also take part in the dismissals and do contribute to the conversation, but I would not expect anyone younger than that to be able to join in the discussion.

We have two kids who are younger and they go to religious education classes but take part in the rites when they occur. We also meet with them on occasion to fill in what they need to keep up with the kids in their class. After 2 years they will be fully initiated. At age 7, your daughter should be able to keep up since what they learn at that age is very basic. There are “catch up” books but they are usually for kids who are a bit older and who have missed a few years of religious ed classes. In fact I use one of these with my older RCIA kids.


Thank you for sharing Joannm,

Although I mentioned my concerns to the DRE about a month ago, I had another opportunity to discuss them with him again yesterday. I told him that I wanted to take the classes offered by the Diocese to become a Catechist. I also asked him more specific questions about how her class is following the RCIA model (now that I understand it on a very basic level.). He admitted that the class has been lacking structure and he showed me the book that the class was going to be using from here on out. It’s called Our Catholic Faith by Monsenor John F. Barry, P.A. Prior to this there has been no book or structure to the class. He mentioned last Sunday that they thought someone was going to step in and be a Catechist to the older kids. There are about 6-8 kids in the 11-16 year old group. That will still leave about 28 kids in the class my daughter is in.

The DRE is new this year to our church (and so am I!) so he’s making a lot of changes that have been needed. For now, the RCIA program for kids is only about 9 months long (September to May) but he said in the future it may be a two year program.


Hi Juliet!
All good news.
I for one, am glad that you are a parent that cares so much, and is not the type to just drop them off and whatever happens (or doesn’t happen ) happens.
I pray this is a beautiful and fulfilling experience for both of you.


It sounds like it is heading in the right direction. If the DRE is new, it is going to take time until any major changes occur. This is my third year as DRE in my parish and I still have changes to make but I can’t do everything at the same time. It is great that you want to take catechist classes. You will love them. Then perhaps you can become the coordinator for RCIA for children. It is a great ministry.


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