Rcia scrutinies?

My rcia teacher told me I was going to go through some scutinies (hope im spelling that right) during Lent. What is this and what happens? Do i get up in front of people. How long? What will i say? Will i have to answer quetions? Also is there some sort of test at the end of rcia? Thanks :slight_smile:

My husband converted several years ago.You will submit anonyamously,your sins,issues you struggle with.They are read aloud with others’.This occurs after the Gospel and homily,before RCIA is dismissed.:wink:

I went through RCIA last year, and I guess it’s different everywhere because none of us went through any of that. :confused:

What is the point of doing that Jeanne?

We had to do the scrutinies as well. don’t fret. it’s answering yes or no to very obvious questions. yes i believe this, no i don’t belive that…yadayadayada

Welcome to the Church! You have nothing to be worried about. You are not questioned and you do no speak before the congregation. It is a time for prayer, reflection, and soul-searching. You are to scrutinize yourself during Lent, to be sure you understand and accept the journey you are undertaking. At the 3 Masses where you have the rites of the scrutinies, you are brought before the congregation so that we may pray for you, and Father gives you a blessing and lays his hands on your head. See the 2 links below for more info.

My understanding is it prepares the candidate for their first Confession.Examination of conscience.In our parish the candidates knelt around the alter,their sponsors stood behind them with their right hand on thecandidates’ shoulder.As the scrutinies were chanted ,in this case by our choir director,the congregation would respond in song"Darkness surrounds us,Christ. Be our light again,Kyerie e lison… Itvwas really very beautiful and movin.I actually tear up every year when we do this.

If that’s what they did in your parish it’s something someone invented, because it’s definitely not what the ritual calls for. From the Canadian edition of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults:

  1. After the homily, the elect with their godparents come forward and stand before the celebrant.

The celebrant first addresses the assembly of the faithful, inviting them to pray in silence and to ask that the elect will be given a spirit of repentance, a sense of sin, and the true freedom of the children of God.

The celebrant then addresses the elect, inviting them also to pray in silence and suggesting that as a sign of their inner spirit of repentance they bow their heads or kneel; he concludes his remarks with the following words: “Elect of God, bow your heads (kneel down) and pray.”

The elect bow their heads or kneel, and all pray for some time in silence. After the period of silent prayer, the community and the elect stand for the intercessions.

140 (…) During the intercessions the godparents stand with their right hand on the shoulder of the elect.

  1. After the intercessions the rite continues with one of the following exorcisms. These are simply prayers to God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus. Here, if this can be done conveniently, the celebrant lays hands on each one of the elect.

This could very well be.Since it is the only experience I have witnessed,I assumed it was protocol. At any rate I always find it very moving,probably due to my sinful past and gratitude for God’s mercy.:slight_smile:


I have no idea where this came from or why it was done with/to your huband. It is in NO WAY a part of RCIA. And definitely NOT the Scrutinies.

Frankly, I am appalled that anyone would do this. I repeat, this is NOT a part of the Rites of RCIA.

There are special readings and the Elect are then prayed for/over using the Rite book.


Could be creative license on the part of our choir/ liturgical director.I just assumed it was part of the process. Itvwasn’t offensive in any way,no one’s sins were revealed personally.As I mentioned in a previous post,the congregation stood,the choir director would chant the submitted sins,transgressions,we would then respond with the chant I mentioned earlier.This process was repeated until all of the sins were mentioned.RCIA then processed out of church as the congregation continued to chant,what I mentioned earlier.:shrug:

Exactly! We, parishioners, welcome you, and pray for all of you.

Some of you may find it odd, but I’m so thankful I didn’t go through RCIA. I wouldn’t have been able to handle all of this. I may have missed out on the some of the other pre-Confirmation rites, but I couldn’t have gone through this part. Anonymous or not, my sins are between me, God and the Priest when I confess.

Like with all other aspects of the Liturgy, the RCIA Rites are not to be deviated from with any sort of “creative license”. The rubrics must be followed. This is an official liturgy of the Church.

Of course, having nothing to compare it to, you had no way to know.

It does not matter that it was “anonymous”, the fact that someone was made to write down their sins, the things that struggle with most, and turn them in to be read out loud in church is just unconscionable and needs to be halted.

That was NOT the scrutiny. At all.

The Rite book contains the proper prayers for the Scrutinies.

Really this needs to be halted ASAP.

Let me repeat: That is not the Scrutinies.

And the Scrutinies are for the unbaptized. If you were a candidate, you would participate in the Rites proper to candidates versus catechumens/the Elect.

This is ,to the best of my memory,the chant of the choir director…“from cursing,feelings of lust,abusing alcohol…deliver us oh Lord” ans so on.Then the rsponse of the congregation would be"darkness surrounds us,Christ be our light again…I am stunned and concerned that this goes on year after year and may be out of line:eek:

This is pretty serious. It is a major abuse of the trust of these RCIA Elect to make them write down sins. It is a serious abuse of the liturgy to replace the Scrutiny Rite with this chant.

I am not sure that it has replaced the Rite.Perhaps,this is done in addition? I will pay close attention this year,now that I am aware.

That sounds absolutely horrible!

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