How many people from CA are in RCIA this year. or getting ready to go to RCIA

I’m from California but went to RCIA back in 1993. It was the worst catechesis and religious education I’ve ever seen in my life, period. It felt more like Alcoholics Anonymous than Catholicism. I sponsored a friend in 2005 in another town in a different parish and, despite still not being impressed with Catholic “education” I thought it far superior to the Dr. Phil/food buffet experience of RCIA I went through!

What was wrong with it, what did you not like and did you talk to any one about it

:extrahappy:I start this evening :bounce:after 2 years of trying to make it work at the parrish we normaly attend, going to the next one over. I’m a little nervous,:blushing: partly because the director is one of my son’s teachers. My (exmormon)DH is going, too!!:yyeess: I’m kinda shy, so anyone willing to pray for me, please do! I need it!!! Just thinking about it is making me chicken!

Welcome home, everybody! oooooh I love my job

14 in the class that started yesterday, half coming back after a 2 week hiatus while we got started with CCD. not bad. nobody for the Spanish class yet but they will come. class of about 18 children who will be received this year, and at least 20 more just starting, 8 or 10 teens in various stages of the RCIA process. The good news about children in RCIA is that it usually leads to parents returning to the sacraments, convalidating marriages, or becoming Catholic themselves so the grace is exponential.

I’m beginning this week as well. I’m returning to the church, and I need adult education, plus I’ve not been confirmed. I’m a little nervous. My husband attends another church and I don’t want to upset our marriage, I have a 7 & 1/2 month old baby, and there seems like a large time commitment. I pray I can handle it.

Don’t worry, I’ll be bringing an almost 8 month old and his 5 and 6 1/2 year old brothers!

Dont be shy,have a ball and ask questions. if they say something you do not undersatnd ask them to explain and have fun

Third Sunday of RCIA was yesterday! :extrahappy: :tiphat: :clapping: :grouphug: :yyeess: :yeah_me: :whackadoo: :egyptian:

I went girlfriend is searching and decided to join RCIA. I didn’t expect it to be perfect but I was quite upset at the things said there. There were 6 adults there to teach her. My first indication something was wrong was when I said “The Church considers itself the universal sacrament of salvation” and everyone there chastised me for the statement. I didn’t even get an opportunity to speak about infallible ignorance before they started telling her that we are all good persons that it doesn’t matter if you are Catholic! I tried to hide my frustration, but then shortly after one of the men said to her, “And if Catholicism doesn’t seem right for you, there are plenty of Protestant faiths which you can join.” WHAT!? Are we just another flavor of ice cream!? I was appalled.

Paraphrasing because it has been a while: “Pure Spirituality has always been the enemy of religion.” - GK Chesterton, Orthodoxy (or Heresy I can’t remember ;D).

Me :thumbsup:



I have the honored privilege of being one of the RCIA team leaders this year so I am very excited about seeing it from this perspective. Granted, I’m sure that I will still learn something that I’ve missed or overlooked in the past.

Great, I was a team leader a few year back and we would try to tell a story and they like it ,and then we had all of the people ask question not at first but after they stop being shy and play a game ,you had to ask 10 question B 4 the class was over for the year

We went, it was OK. So far everything was stuff I could have taught, but then, this is not a snap decision for me, I’ve been reading an studying for YEARS leading up to this. I have a feeling that the classes will mostly be a formality for me. DH has a bit more of a struggle ahead of him given that he was rased LDS and there are some major theological differences he has to wrap his head around.

We seem to have a good group, and the teacher is really enthusiastic, my kids are able to hang out even though there is no budget for child care this year. Everyone has been pretty accepting. I’m actually looking forward to the next class.

This is my second year attempting to go to RCIA all the way through…

Well good luck,get it done

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