Just thought I would share some excitement with you…I am starting RCIA tomorrow night. lol

Congrats and welcome home! :hug1:

Congratulations and welcome home! :smiley:

I share in your excitement; my parish’s RCIA classes begin next Monday. I won’t be there as a student (as I was three years ago), but now as the program’s director! :eek:

God bless you. I’ll be praying for you and all other RCIA students as programs get started up all over the place in the coming weeks.

That’s great! I start this Sunday and can’t wait.

I worked several years supporting and later directing RCIA for my parish. Age has caught up with me, and I no longer can take an active part, but continue to pray for all involved.

Awesome, I start Thursday! I too cannot wait!!

I recall so well just over 4 years ago when I was in RCIA. Now I am a sponser and member of the team!! How wonderful! I love converts as I know how excited I was (and still am).

Blessings to you both.

Wow Iggy85!! :thumbsup: That is wonderful news! Congratulations - you will truly find it rewarding.

bless you,

I also start tomorrow if I get off work in time to go… I hope it’s a big class.

Congratulations and welcome home you guys! You’re going to love the journey. :slight_smile:

Congrats Iggy and good job to all who have gone back to RCIA as directors and instructors.

I start on the 21st, which is way too long!! :cool:

Congrats!! I start Thursday night and I cant tell you how excited I am!

Had my first RCIA class this morning and attended my first Mass as a Catholic convert candidate. As far as the class, today the class leader provided an overview, general information, and passed out our study material. We spent the remainder of the time with each person giving a short introduction to help everyone get acquainted. It isn’t a large parish so I was amazed at the good number of people that attended. I got there about 15 minutes early and there were already eight people there. People kept coming in right up to the scheduled start time. They had to bring in more chairs twice and we will be moving to a larger classroom next week. Most of the class members were people like me who are considering converting. The class leader seems great and super dedicated to giving our group a productive experience. The pastor addressed the class at the beginning and I just loved him from the start. He truly made us all feel welcome.

I went with the intention of attending Mass after the class but was surprised that the class leader didn’t invite us to attend or even mention it. He did say at the start that he didn’t want anyone to feel they would be pressured to convert since some might only be there seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith so my guess was that was why the subject of attending Mass wasn’t brought up. I knew that services started shortly after our class because I had researched it before hand but on the way out I ran into one of the assistant class leaders and asked him what time Mass started. When he saw I was interested, he warmly welcomed me to attend and invited me to sit with him and his wife so he could help me with the missal. I had been to a Catholic Mass once previously when my brother-in-law invited me attend Midnight Mass one Christmas Eve but still I would have been lost today without the very welcome guidance.

A couple of things stood out from Mass this morning. First I can’t even begin to describe how much more connected to God that I felt in comparison to years of experiences attending Protestant churches. Second I really felt like I was part of a family rather than an individual just attending a church service with a bunch of strangers. Even the fact that I couldn’t receive the Eucharist didn’t lessen that feeling.

Likely I will have more to share about the actually RCIA next week since today was basically an introduction but all in all I have to say I had a fantastic experience today that even exceeded my optimistic expectations. I’m really looking forward to next week!

Congrats! The parishes closest to me are like … 20 minutes+ away and on their website I see nothing about RCIA classes. Good luck!

I am starting next week. :slight_smile:

Wonderful! Welcome home!

Welcome home, and God Bless!

i converted with my oldest daughter (shes 10) about 2 years ago. Now my hubby is in RCIA!!! I am so proud of him. my heart is big:D

I started RCIA yesterday!

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