I have been through “First Holy Communion” as a child but moved before my “Confirmation” (which I have yet to do).

Should I approach my pastor and ask him if I could begin RCIA? Is that the right way to go about being Confirmed?

What does RCIA entail?

Thank You in advance for all your replies.

I would definitely advise that you speak with your Parish Priest first. RCIA is for adults wishing to be received fully into the Catholic Faith and involves weekly attendance. The RCIA journey varies in length - Our parish is usually 1.5 to 2 yrs but worth the time.

Here is what RCIA entails. saintaug.org/faith/rcia.htm

Blessings to you!

I’ve been attended this church for about a year and a half every Sunday. I just haven’t thought of doing RCIA until my husband had brought it up because he thinks it is something important for me to do (which I agree it is).
Thank you for the link! :slight_smile:

Technically, no, you are a Catholic and RCIA is for the unbaptized or for baptized Christians of non-Catholic denominations. So, you would go through Confirmation preparation and then would be confirmed by the Bishop.

However, practically speaking, most parishes do not run both an RCIA and an adult confirmation program. Many adult Catholics seeking confirmation go through the learning sessions (Catechesis) of RCIA. This is fine, but you would not be participating in the various Rites with the non-Catholics.

Your parish or diocese may have an adult confirmation program. Check with your parish to see what your options are.

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