So i took the first step, i have started to go to RCIA classes. It’s been long time coming.

Congratulations fellow RCIA 2012-2013!!!

Welcome Home to both of you!!

Welcome home!! Praying that you will have a wonderful faith journey! :smiley:


Hooray! Add me in. I’m starting RCIA on October 8 after having been a protestant for 39 years.:thumbsup:

Congrats!! :thumbsup:

Welcome home and congratulations. You will soon be having a personal relationship with Jesus…on divine steriods, to use a colloquial term.

Congratulations, and WELCOME HOME!

Congrats! I am also following RCIA. Welcome to our \Journey of |Faith :clapping::amen:

Congrats to everyone who is starting RCIA. I went through it last year and was only 1 of 2 who were confirmed. I will pray that your journey is a safe and exciting experience.

Yay. Praying for everyone in RCIA this year! God bless you all!

Welcome home to all! I love reading of the new-found fire for your faith.

God bless you on your journey!

Chloe M.

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