I posted in the spirutaily section yesterday but I dont think they understood what I was asking. first off please forgive spelling and grammer trying to type fast and get ready for saturday vigil mass.
I have been baptised in a southern baptist convention church and I provided the record to my rica teacher…
Our rite of welcoming of candiates and rite of acceptance for the unbaptized to be catechumens was supposed to be december 2
becuase of the priest’s schedule it is now december 15
I will be home for christmas break, since I go to this parish only when I am at school and I go to another parish at home where I will be recived at easter and these arragnements have been aproved.
I guess the jist of what I am asking is Since I have already been baptized will I really miss out on anything by not being able to do the rite of welcome.
My RCIA teacher said it was ok for me to miss it and they would call out my name and include me in the rite even though i would not be present but I would like your thoughts to.
Thank you and God Bless
and Thanks for ignoring spelling and capitization errors, typed this whole thing in under two mins.

Don’t worry…you can miss the rite of welcoming of candidates and still be eligible for everything at the Easter Vigil. You’ll be fine, especially since your RCIA instructor has already told you they’ll call out your name and include you.

Congratulations on enrolling in RCIA!

Don’t worry about missing it, we didn’t even have one offered when my group of candidates went through RCIA.

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