So far my journey through rcia has not been what I expected.A few months from easter vigil I’m left wondering if I’m getting the full representation of what the Catholic church is.Yesterday I found out in class that for years they have been confirming people with invalid mariages.I guess the policy used to be that the parishes had their own discression who they confirmed and they would confirm anyone who atleast had their annulment paperwork in.It was also admitted that 15 people over the years are full catholics recieving eukarist with still an invalid mariage cerimony.I’m not sure how I would of reacted if they tried to confirm me with my annulment paperwork still in the works.I was asked to go to a mariage workshop and I told them my mariage wasn’t valid but was told that it was fine.I’ve rased a few issues but now I’m just content to keep my mouth shut and get through this.

You have to make this decision for yourself. But to knowingly and intentionally receive a Sacrament of the living (Confirmation, Holy Communion, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage, Ordination.) in a state of Serious or Mortal sin. Such as an invalid Marriage situation that has not been resolved. (in the works does not count) Is itself another serious and Mortal sin.

Now those in the past who may have been Confirmed or received Holy Communion in such a situation may not have known that it was wrong to do so and so received the Sacrament, but without receiving any of the Sacramental Grace. Being mislead and not knowing, they possibly could not be responsible for the sinfulness of their actions.

I knew a couple who converted to Catholicism while still needing to resolve annulment and re-marriage issues, but they lived as “brother and sister” until such time that they could enter into a valid marriage in the eyes of the Church. That was very personal information that they revealed. I doubt that many people would disclose such personal things, nor would I expect a priest to reveal matters that pertain to confession. Such situations may give the appearance of sin, but perhaps the people have committed no mortal sins since their last confession. View this in the most charitable light, and pray that they have strength to stay out of mortal sin.

Living as brother and sister does resolve the Marriage situation. Great care must be exercised when a pastor suggests this solution, even if it is temporary, because others may not fully understand and it can cause scandal.

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