Has anyone else heard about this? If so what is the church’s stance on this?

They espouse heretical views and commit sacrilage against the Sacrament of Holy Orders. The participants are excommunicated.

A woman claiming to belong to RCWP has been ordained as a Catholic Priest in Indianapolis…according to the Gannett owned Indianapolis Star newspaper.

Woman Becomes Ordained

The reporter is T.J. Barnes and she is claiming the RCWP is an organization working within the Roman Catholic Church.


She hasn’t been ordained. She only participated in a ceremony that pretended to ordain her.

Corki is correct.

She is no more a priest than I would be the President of the United States if I were to stand on the steps of the US Capitol and swear on a Bible to uphold the constitution. I could hire some body guards and a helicopter to fly me around but that doesn’t make me the president. She can stand at an altar wearing hand-made Belgian vestments and raise the host up and down, but it won’t make it the Eucharist.

The only thing the ceremonly acomplished was her separation from the Church.


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