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Many of you,blessedly, responded to this post a while back.
My 28 yr. old son was allowing this girl who was engaged to move into his apt. It was a platonic relationship (although I didn’t know how this could be since she was engaged). She finally admitted that her fiance did not know about my son, nor did her mother. She supposedly told them she was staying in different places-her boyfriend she told she was staying at her mother’s friend’s house. To her mother, she told she was staying at her fiance’s hourse. My son paid bills for her and her mother (quite a significant amt.) and she has not paid one nickel even to contribute to the living expenses of his apt…
She finally told him she was not attracted to him (it seems just to his and his family’s credit card). He is both hurt,angry and disallusioned. He still has his faith, thank God but feels he has no friends . He says at this point it would be nice to have a male to talk to. I was wondering if there are any single males out there just for talking,etc (nothing else) in the West Palm Beach area.
I also ask that you remember him in your prayers as he is going through a very tough time right now-emotionally.
I thank all of you in advance.
Peace and blessings.

What about a deacon in your parish? He could be a spiritual mentor for your son. Or, are there any younger priests with whom your son could “relate”?

Dear Ike:
Thank you. That is an excellent idea. Actually, there is a new,young priest, age 31, who may be quite helpful in a situation like this. My son is 28 so they’re not too far off in age.
God bless you.

ellen sorry for what your son has been through.

surely he must have many guy friends in west palm beach florida? How about brothers, cousins, or college pals?

How about asking the fiance to repay the ladies share of the platonic debts?

Has he joined his local KofC? That would be a good idea!

Next, call the DRE and/or the Youth Minister at the Parish and say “I want to volunteer, what do you need done”. These ministries need young volunteers, and your son will meet others in the Parish.

AND he needs to know that he is now a member of the “WHAT WAS I THINKING ANYWAY” club…I will save him a chair.

He can pour coffee for people.

I don’t know if that would be a good way of meeting men his age. Maybe KofC is different where you live. Where I live, the majority of the KofC members are retired men, probably closer in age to this fellow’s grandfather.

I know many young men who are Knights, men of all ages in fact. My advice is for a man to attend some meetings and join - even if they are the youngest person there. Friendship and comradere is not limited by age, and good faithful Catholic male mentors can only be a good thing.

I think it depends on a particular group of Knights (I’m not sure it they are called chapter, division, or what their name for each group is) in terms of age. One of my friends worked with a young man who is a Knight. It was kind of funny because he was always talking about the food at the meetings. My friend joked to him, “Is it KofC or KFC?”:rotfl:

You can let him know that there are many, many, men in this club, and that he should be grateful that he joined at such an early age. Now give him a kick in the pants and push him back out into the real world so he can continue his journey towards God! Not trying to sound insensitive here but he opened this loaf of bread himself and found out it was moldy after he took a bite. Get rid of that bread, and feel confident that the next loaf will be much fresher.


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