Re-arranging the Furniture


I just re-arranged of a few pieces of furniture. The other way was fine, but I needed a change. Everyone in my family seems to be enjoying having a slightly new and different look to our home.

How often does your family re-arrange the furniture in your homes?


We rearrange our furniture everytime we put up a Christmas tree.


Yeah, that’s how we are too. Our living room is really the only room that we can rearrange. I wish I could move furniture around in the bedrooms, but they only really “work” the way we have them now:shrug:


I used to do it more often. Unfortunately I got to be a clutterbug. :o Now I’m decluttering and trying different furniture configurations at the same time. I would like to have a “conversational grouping” for company. It will be so nice to have company again; with the clutter I have been ashamed for anyone to see it. Hopefully that will soon be a thing of the past! :yup:

Then along the sides of the room I want to have focal points - like my religious altar, my music station, etc. where I could just move my chair to whichever one I want to spend time at. :slight_smile:


I used to re-arrange my bedroom a lot in my parents home and dorms. I do it less often now in my own home, but I still like to do it. Even just moving one piece can give the room a fresher look.

January seems to stir my desires to deep clean and de-clutter. I feel both surrounded by too much stuff in the house since Christmas and I have a little cabin fever in the winter. This just sort of picks up my spirits. I started this bout of furniture re-arranging by simply pulling out a piece of furniture so the vacuume could reach. I moved some book cases this morning that hadn’t been moved in years. (Ew yucky! to the dust bunnies and various clutter that had fallen behind them.)

It feels good to get the house tidier and move things around! I have a load of stuff for charity that’s sitting in the garage, including a piece of old furniture that I decided it was time to part with.


Funny - we were just talking about this a couple days ago! Our living room is quite small, and the furniture really only works one way. I've had it configured different ways over the years, but how I have it now is really the best. But I think it might be time to mix it up a little and change it, just for the sake of having something different. As for the rest of the rooms in the house - they are they way they are and not a lot of options there.

Would love a bigger house, but oh well. :shrug:



Yet another good example of the difference between men and women. If a woman moves into an apartment, she feels the urge to rearrange the furniture, usually at least semi-annually, if not more often. If a man moves into an apartment, and it works for him, you can probably come back fifty years later and everything will still be in the same place. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what’s actually funny about this, it was my husband who suggested it!! :smiley: We are having a small Super Bowl get together at our house next weekend and he suggested it might be a good idea to move things around. Now, if football and ribs were not involved, I doubt he would have considered the idea. :wink:



In the (almost) five years that I’ve been married, we’ve only rearranged the furniture when we’ve moved. Which has been four times. :stuck_out_tongue: Before I got married, I’d rearrange the furniture about once a year or so, just for something fresh. Plus, the living room always got a makeover around Christmas time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, we have this huge entertainment cabinet for the TV and all the game consoles and stuff. It’s three pieces, but they have to be put together in one specific way, so we can’t do much about moving that around. So as far as the living room goes, we can really just do things one way. My husband actually just brought up to me that he’d like to rearrange the furniture in our bedroom, though. He says he’s bored with the layout and just feels like something new. :shrug:


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