re: Can NFP be a grave sin? by Tac

I just read Fr. Vincent Serpa’s reply. I am trying yo understand. If a couple already has children and the husband says “no more, I am tired!” is that considered a selfish reason?
-A curious “want more” Mother

Dear Friend,

The example I used was of a couple who wanted NO children—presumably because they don’t want to cramp their style by bothering with children. For a parent to not want more children because he or she is too “tired,” this could be selfish or not. It depends on what being too “tired” means. I have known parents who, when confronted with a surprise pregnancy after having had several children already, felt too tired to go through all the effort or rearing yet another child. But years later they have looked at that child as such a jewel in the family and have wondered how they could ever have managed without him or her. We’re talking “people” here. Children are people!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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