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If you drink too much it makes you sleepy. If it’s making you sleepy it means you’re drinking too much. Best to keep decaf on hand for those moments when you want the ritual and the comfort but don’t need the caffeine.

As I noted in a thread some time ago, coffee has been called an “illusionistic drug.” My husband, who likes beer and hates coffee informed me of this.

This is of concern to me as even monks take coffee, or at least, the monks at Gethsemane in Kentucky sell both coffee and Burboun-soaked fruitcakes.

My husband said the study showed that coffee makes people “think they can do things they cannot really do.”

I’m a heavy coffee drinker… at first upon reading this, I thought I could understand it… but then I realized I couldn’t! :wink:

I don’t think that was the coffee talking. I think your husband should show you where those studies are from… I think they are full of beans! … I could go on, I wont.

Yes Coffee can act as a mood elevater and induce confusion and a degreee of euphoria in a number of individuals. That said coffee is not unlike food in that in moderation it can be of benefit.

Coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be alert.

Ha ha…well said! :slight_smile:

An excess of anything can cause problems… even water! As for all things that are lawful, the key here is moderation.

Wait…coffee makes you sleepy?

It always wakes me up (caffeine is a stimulant). As with all things, moderation is the key, as Jennet says.

My husband said the study showed that coffee makes people “think they can do things they cannot really do.”

This doesn’t sound right - we are talking about regular coffee, right?

Coffee can indeed induce a paradoxical reaction. Ergo it can make one feel tired or sleepy.


I like coffee - I really like coffee. I don’t like decaf.


I drink about 10 cups of a coffee a day… I’m drinking coffee right now in fact. Yeah… I’m to the point where it really doesn’t do anything for me but I love it and I find it relaxing. Pick your poison I guess.

Like alcohol?

Me too. When I was pregnant, I gave it up but it didn’t affect me. I just like the taste.

I thought Ben Franklin said BEER was proof that God loves us.

Reassured by these posts. Thought of early Catholics (caffeine free) and that they must have been purer and stronger and healthier in their faith without this comfort, but, time passes and things change.

I firgured out that I drink coffee in place of my parents’ tea, to remind them of the England they had in restrospect, in other words, it was never really like that, but, looking back, they thought it had been, so there’s a little bit of a “never-never-land” quality about it, like in my mother’s love of reading (and my to-die childhood reading habit) another carryover from English culture.


I used not to care for decaf but recently I have found it a helpful substitute to middle-of-the-night caffeinated coffee, which leaves me feeling exhausted. It’s a bad pattern I sometimes fall into when I go for periods where I can’t sleep at night and, of course, starting up with caffeinated coffee only makes the problem worse.

So there is definitely room for abuse with coffee but maybe that’s because of my English antecedecy and that I don’t know the rules of the road with it.

:blush: I actually just wanted to get back to someone who responded to a thread months ago saying that she drank coffee at night sometimes and it helped her to fall asleep. I do this too, at times, when I am just too nervous to get to sleep. It has a “ritolin” effect, a drug which is a stimulant used in hyperactivity, I’m told. But that is only in dire cases as it also interferes with your sleep , even though you do fall asleep, and it does start to have the “paradoxical effect” of making you sleepy if you misuse it.

I don’t think it’s really a serious moral theological issue I just posted it here because that’s where I started a thread about it some months ago, just being obnoxious, please excuse!!!

Cigarettes, that’s another story–when you put cigarettes and coffee together you can get sidetracked into a serious addiction that just takes you out of the running. The problem with cigarettes is that it’s dead time. If you’re smoking, you’re smoking, which may or may not be very good for you but it does mean you are temporarily not doing anything else so if you do it a lot then you are temporarily not doing anything a lot of the time. And since it’s addictive, but there are actually a lot of ins and outs to that as, for instance, I might be dead without my cigarettes–that was another thread from some months ago that somebody else started, the morality of smoking (but not one I am trying to reopen here.)

My medication makes me sleep during the day if I take it in the morning and makes me stay up all night if I take it at night, so I am up again tonight, just too exhausted today to fight sleep. But my cup of decaf at 2:00 was interrupted by my husband’s arrival home from out of town to pick up some things, he came with an offer to settle that may work, that gets into the prayer request area BUT, the point is, now I won’t sleep so I guess I’ll have that cup of decaf as I was trying to relax and got all worked up instead.

God Bless

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