"re creating" the big bang

A friend has brought to my attention, just now, the recent attempts at “re-creating” the big bang. My friend is worried that if they attempt again, that all the people on the earth will be killed.
I am Catholic and I beleive that God wouldn’t let such a thing happen to his people, the end times haven’t come yet. but no matter what I tell myself I still am worried about it. I can’t help but be nervous. any comforting words?

Hey Chris,

I believe that the experiment you’re referring to is the large supercollider that has recently begun to operate in Europe. They do not plan on actually “re-creating” the big bang on a grand scale; they’re just smashing atoms to find traces of certain sub-atomic particles (particularly the blasphemously named “God particle”). While the consensus among the scientific community is that there is zero likelihood of the supercollider endangering the planet, they are dabbling in areas that they do not fully comprehend.

However, there is actually a smaller supercollider that has been operating for years in Texas with the same goal, but I don’t recall anyone claiming that it would destroy the Earth. There will always be doomsday prophets pointing fingers at different potential causes of the apocalypse (giant meteors, nuclear weapons, global warming), but I think this is just a popular target right now. The discoveries that scientists make could have interesting ramifications for the faithful, especially when it comes to the existence of alternate dimensions and the so-called “God particle”. Fortunately, the Catholic Church has long been on the forefront of science and religion. The big bang theory was developed by a Belgian priest, after all.

Don’t lose any sleep over it, just pray and know that if the end of the world does come, it is all just part of God’s plan.

How does the LHC “recreate” the big bang? BTW, the energies at the LHC (14 TeV) is at least ten orders of magnitude short of the grand unification energy while the LHC surpasses by an order of a magnitude the electroweak scale.

Cosmic rays have more energy than the proton beams at the LHC.

And if you haven’t looked around, God does allow poverty, disease, the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, starvation, etc. to happen to his people. I wouldn’t be surprised if God would allow such a calamity to happen, although Hawking radiation will instantaneously evaporate any black holes if they appear. God wouldn’t preclude such an existential risk from occurring to Homo sapiens; the laws of physics would. (Hawking radiation hasn’t been empirically verified because it so hard to detect; the cosmic microwave background radiation (black body radiation peaking at 2.7 K) is warmer than Hawking radiation of a solar mass (60 nano Kelvin))

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