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As a recent convert to Catholicism I have some reservations about making my first confession to my parish priest. For one thing I feel slightly embarrassed about confessing my sins to him as he will know my distinct accent. For another I am a tad anxious to say the least as to what he will think of me after my confesssion, I mean I will be ill-at-ease when Iook him in the face at Sunday Mass etc.

I am sure my concerns are not unique and I am certain that there are some reassuring answers so please feel free to comment or offer advice.

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You are under no obligation to confess to your own priest, only to go to confession. Go to another parish if that is helpful.
I remember when I had a big sin to confess, and I drove 50 miles to a parish in the next diocese.


**I have to “confess” that I have not gone to confession in many years.The main reason was the scary nature of the darkness of the confessional and frankly having to memorize the prayer said before the confession(I know its not that hard).Now confession is done in a room with the priest sitting next to you(I might be wrong)That very fact makes confession for me better in the darkness of the confessional.The one thing that does not bother me however is the fact that the priest is a parish priest.From what I know priest are not allowed to divulge what is said in a confession.

ger **


Portrait, do you think you’ve invented a sin the priest has never heard of before?



Confession feels horrible before and during, but great afterward! :smiley:

You may choose a different priest, somewhere else. Though, I doubt that priests remember people’s sins because they hear SO many!

I doubt that yours is an original one! :wink: Priests hear all sorts of things, I’m sure!

Priests do love terrible sins being confessed! That is THE point! The worse, the better…if you know what I mean!

Picture a gang member who has done the worst things imaginable, he walks into a confessional and ‘unloads’ on the unsuspecting priest…that is the treat of this priest’ day! A ‘dirty’ soul got washed ‘squeaky’ clean! Right?

I think this is one of the best things our Church offers, frankly!

No, knowing all of this does not make it any easier when waiting in line to go to the confessional…it just makes me stay in line until my turn comes! :thumbsup:


The norm for confessions is not to be looking face to face… and the point is that it emphasizes that God is working throught the priest.

And on the off chance that he thinks about your confession afterwards, then he will think highly of you for having the courage to confess such sins. Because afterwards your conscience is clear, and you don’t do these things any more.

Recently, and with much anxiety, I also went to my parish priest for confession. Not a problem at all!! And most priests have heard some very terrible things too, like has been said… I wouldn’t worry.:slight_smile:

(The only reactions I’ve heard of is young priests who are unsure of what to say. But then it’s only a delay, not a gasp or a condemnation or anything. Remember even murder can be confessed… and the priests really heavily pray about it. The awkwardness of confession should be overcome with time. Many saints recommend frequent confession!)


Dear Portrait:

I converted almost 20 years ago. In the years prior to my conversion I had broken almost every commandment. I wasn’t looking forward to it but did it face to face with my parish priest…who knew me. Remember that these are all things that you did before you became Catholic. Now that you are getting ready to come to the fullness of faith, you are a new Creation in Christ Jesus. That first confession is heck of a lot easier than the ones that will come after…If you can’t remember the responses, then go to the Catholic bookstore and get a book or pamphlet that has them written down…know that you are not the first Convert that had bad sins to confess. I will always remember that FIRST confession and the way I felt… as if a huge weight had been lifted off me. Try to remember as many sins as you can and know that if you accidentally “forget” any that those, too are forgiven.
Prepare well, for your first confession by praying and asking God’s forgiveness. This is a step that people often skip or downplay. I brought a piece of scripture, that I had used to pray with before confession.
Remember that you are meeting Christ in the Sacrament. The sacrament will fill you with grace to live a holy life so go to it joyfully!
Peace of Christ! and May God bless you! I will pray for you!


Dear Forum Users,

Thankyou most kindly for your comments and advice, very much appreciated.

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