RE:former Catholic priest's(Alberto Cutie) book "Dilemma"

I do not know if there is already a thread on this subject.The book is out at the bookstore.I am not going to buy it .I glanced through it though. It is my opinion that he is out to damage the Catholic Church. He presents our church in a very bad light.(without going into details)
He presents himself as a victim.
Has anybody read it? Is there another book coming to correct his statements?
He could have left quietly.He chose not to be charitable in the least.

Jimmy Akin posted about the book last week, Jan 3, 2011.
Mr. Akin also posted a two part “Series”: Dec 28, 2010 Part One (Celibacy in General) “Fr. Cutie: Fallen Priest Writes Self-Justifying Book” Dec 30, 2010 part Two (Cutie’s Options) "Fr. Cutie: What Options Did Fallen Priest Have? "

FYI Fr. Loya, a Byzantine Catholic priest, in his Theology of the Body podcast programs had a excellent program on June 11, 2009 “What can we learn from the fall of Alberto Cutie?”.

The bottom line is that there is no sex in heaven.

Priests make a promise to anticipate the heaven and live without sex, so they can represent Jesus Christ.

This could be otherwise, but until the Apostolic See changes it, this is so.

This former priest broke his word, and now he lives in sin.

He can reconcile with God and with the Church according to the current regulations either by leaving his partner and returning to the Church, or in age 40 or five years after his attempted marriage (whichever comes later) and giving up his clerical status .

The enemies of the Church make him hero in his present status living in sin.

Last night I dreamt that this book was handed out at church…:eek:

Anyway, I find your description interesting. How appropriate that he would go to the Anglican Church…or better known as the Church of England. King Henry VIII was a victim too.

His case is not all about the merits or problems of celibacy.It is about deceipt, and the hypocrisy of leading a double life(for about 2 years/)while preaching chastity and veracity on tv.
It is about his complete disregard for the Catholic Church he represented as a priest,
while engaging in obcene acts at a public beach(which I think is against the law because it infringes on the rights of children and others at a public place)
Why such desdain?What about ethics?What type of minister will he be at the new church, without the basic value of trustworthiness?
If he allowed himself to pursue love towards a woman in spite of his promise, he should have followed the "existing "proper channels to get out of being a Catholic priest.
We would have understood.But why write a book to cause further damage to the Church he said he loved?To be in the limelight?To excuse himself by blaming the Church? To make money? Maybe all of the above.Let's not buy it.

I posted something on here a week ago on the subject. Here it is:

I’m a member of the Archdiocese of Miami, so I’d like to say a few things if that’s OK. I apologize for its length.

As a Cuban-American and a member of the Archdiocese, [then] Fr. Alberto was a local hero. Everyone loved him. And what’s not to love? He’s a bright, young, charismatic priest who founded the local Catholic radio stations (Radio Paz & Radio Peace), not to mention a best selling author and a once time TV host on Spanish EWTN.

I remember I was listening to talk radio (which I rarely do) and when the half hour news update came out, I couldn’t believe what I heard: Fr. Alberto Cutie was spotted on the beach with a woman. I’ll never forget that week.

My grandmother is a typical old Cuban woman: a staunchly devout Catholic. And like every other typical Cuban woman, she adored Fr. Alberto. I can’t describe how angry she was when she heard. “If priests ever become allowed to marry, I’d be fine with it, but when it’s not allowed I can’t believe he did this!”

Now, I’m going to be honest. It happens. Priests fall in love for whatever reason. If you decide after much prayer and talking with the Bishop, then fine. I won’t judge. It happens. I used to know someone who was a priest but left, got married and had kids. AND he still remained a faithful Catholic. My problem comes in when you say, “I want it all, to be a priest AND a husband” and decide to leave the Church just for that. Fr. Alberto could have left the priesthood, married her, and stay in the Church. I’m sure he could have found a job teaching religion somewhere, or counseling (he wrote a book on relationships a few years back) after all, his education as a priest makes him qualified to be a counselor. But he decided to leave the Church. This is where it goes all down hill.

He decides to leave. So he calls a press conference with the local Episcopalian bishop and announced that he was leaving the Catholic Church to join the Episcopalian church to remain a “priest” and get married. What bothered me the most is that Archbishop Favalora found out he was leaving the Church through television. Neither Fr. Alberto nor the Episcopalian bishop bothered to call the Archbishop to let him know he was going to leave.

I should note something that really bothered me. In his statement that he was leaving that was posted on his website (not sure if it’s the same as the televised statement because I really haven’t seen it in its entirety) he said something to the effect of, I will always love and have a place in my heart for the Catholic Church. Really? Thanks for throwing us a bone.

Today in class I was talking to a friend about this. I saw the book yesterday at a bookstore and it infuriated me to no end. My friend (who is more in touch with the inner workings of the Archdiocese of Miami and all things Catholic) said that Cutie was hurt and surprised how Catholics turned on him so quickly. My reply was, “You jump ship like he did, you’re on your own, buddy.”

She also said that he got one thing right. Apparently in the book he said that Archbishop Favalora was out of touch with the priests of the Archdiocese and with the parishes. And that is why, according to my friend, we are lucky to now have Archbishop Wenski. So, I guess to the extend of some of the criticism of the Archbishop is warranted. But once you leave the Church without telling your own bishop you’re doing it, I think you loose the right to complain about him. Plus if I were Favalora, I would have been much harsher on him.

As to him calling the Church out of touch and promoting old ideas. Good! At least were were founded 2000 years ago by Christ Himself and not a guy who wanted a divorce. And promote old ideas? Good. I like that the Church doesn’t just change every few years to keep up with the latest fashions. A Church that has kept it the same for 2000 years sounds like a good thing to me. At least we’re not a Church blowing in the winds of change every dozen years.

I apologize for the length of this post (more of a rant now that I look at it), but I just wanted to put my two cents in since I’m down here in the eye of the storm, the Archdiocese of Miami, and I remember it all like it was yesterday.

One thing I’ve realized, it may be hard not to get caught up and fixated on this one man, one bad priest who left and trashed the Church, but there are many many many more good priests. Now, whenever I think of Fr. Alberto I think of Don Bosco and the love he had for the Church and for the boys the Blessed Mother gave him to teach and love, and how I am affected by that same love he had. The love of a real, true, and great priest. That makes me feel much better.

I am not so sure about this. A lacized priest can not function in any ministry. He could not teach religion and I doubt he could counsel. His counseling before this issue was because he was a priest. Unless he has some other degree in counseling an Masters of Divinity is not useful in lay counseling programs. He would need an extra degree in social work. I do not know if lay counseling programs even use the degree in pastoral counseling.

The issues as I see it is that Mr Cutie wanted to do what he wanted to do and to hell with anyone else.

I’m with you. "You jump ship like he did, you’re on your own, buddy."
As you said, he could have quietly left the priesthood, married this woman & lived as a faithful Catholic…OR…left the woman, confessed his sin & continued in the Catholic priesthood. He did neither &, after what I saw in the pictures of the couple on the beach…maybe we are better off without him.

I wouldn’t read his book if someone gave it to me. He “cheated” on the Catholic Church, if I were his wife, I wouldn’t trust him farther than I could throw him.

“Amen” to everything said above! I just saw his book yesterday at the store and had to turn my head away but wouldn’t you know it they also had a copy of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Mother of the Civilization Of Love so I bought that instead. I suggest the rest of you do otherwise to send a message, also it’s a good book written by Carl A. Anderson and Monsignor Eduardo Chavez.

Yes. I just viewed an interview with him promoting the book. Amongst other things he now condones women priests----and makes the comment, “I used to believe everything that came out of the the Vatican, but then I grew up”. It is definitely an intentional campaign to justify himself while bashing Rome.

very well said, may I add - “once a cheat, always a cheat”. Sad. Grateful, though, that there are many good priests and religious that we need to pray for so that they continue doing God’s work and guiding us to also serve Him.

I agree with both points. He’s just lucky that the Church isn’t a woman scorned behind the wheel, otherwise he’d be a flat pancake somewhere.:smiley:

I just finished reading his book, and while I understand where you all are coming from, I think it’s only fair to read the book to see what he has to say before judging. I’m not here to defend him, but if you hear his side of the story in its totality WITH AN OPEN MIND, you may at least stop and think a little more. The idea is to do as Jesus would do and love everyone (we are all sinners) and not spread meanness, hate, or division.

While I feel like overall, the book contained a lot of complaints by him about the Church, Father Cutie clearly explains his evolving viewpoints on life and the Church, and his becoming Anglican was not only based on wanting to marry, but other reasons as well. He was torn for years on the issue of becoming Anglican, but made the mistake of not being straightforward earlier and leaving the church before he was caught with the woman on the beach. He knows he broke his promise to remain celibate, and apologizes for that. He basically wants people to know that, while priests should set good examples, they shouldn’t be put on a pedestal, that they are people too, who struggle with life and sin as well.

He goes into great detail about discouraging trends in the Church, and while he acknowledges that there are many wonderful, godly, dedicated Catholic priests, the overall attitudes (especially about promiscuous behavior on part of Catholic priests) from the Vatican and trickling down to bishops and local priests are of a resigned acceptance of sexually immoral behavior on part of priests. His theory is that if priests were allowed to marry, they would be fulfilled on other levels of life and would not be as likely to seek out intimacy in hidden girlfriends, boyfriends, strippers, or father children, or sexually abuse minors.

He says many priests contacted him after he was caught, and shared their support of him, saying they were in the same position as him, the only difference being that Father Cutie got caught.

The level of homosexuality present in the Church, according to him, is very high, which I find disturbing as a Catholic. He gave lots of examples, I don’t think he was making up these stories just for a good read.

Overall, he says that his leaving the Catholic Church has much to do with the Church not following the model of the early church and the Bible, but rather “rules” the Church has created over time. Example, in the early church, the apostles and later, priests, were able to marry, it was a choice, after all, Paul SUGGESTED it is better to remain single, but it wasn’t a rule or law. Celibacy was imposed later when priests with children began to leave their lands/property from the church to their children. The Church didn’t want that land to leave their possession, so they made celibacy a requirement to become a priest so they could prevent their lands from leaving the Church’s control.

On that note, he definitely promotes the idea of analyzing where the Catholic belief system stems from, whether the Bible, Church edicts, etc. He talks about many Catholics not having a good knowledge of the Bible or Church history, and once you study both in depth, you may see Christianity in a different light. Knowing certain rules were created for the Church for their time in history, some things may not apply to modern times.

An example he gives is of a priest who told a woman she is prohibited from partaking in communion because of her use of artificial contraception. He says, if all priests did that, very few people in the Church would be taking communion because so many Catholics use artificial contraception, even though the Church doesn’t allow it.

He also wants to promote an open mind and unity among different Christian groups, rather than focusing on differences, saying that we will all be together in heaven.

I think he makes some valid points if you read his book, you will see what I mean. I don’t agree with his positions on everything, but it was helpful for me to hear his side of the story, because media only presented one side.

here’s a more complete summary:

Rather than continuing to give a summary of what I read, I challenge you to read it and then post what you think. I checked the book out from my local library.

You say that the idea is not to judge him or spread mean and division.Your words.
Isn’t that exaclty what he is doing about the priests and the Catholic Church?
He can judge, but shouln’t be judged himself?
Jesus said love one another,that goes both ways.
He is not criticized for falling in love, but the way he went about handling the situation.
No need to neck at the beach.
Further, he was not "caught’.He, a tv personality, presented himself openly in a public beach.I do not think he was trying to hide.
What if he had not been “caught”.Maybe he will still be a Catholic priest(I understand this went on for 2 years)Then the Catholic Church would be a fine place to belong to for him?

I hope that if his intention is to be analytical, as soon as he finds out the problems within the Anglican church and its ministers(I’m sure there must be some, nothing is perfect)he will immediately write a new book telling everybody.:rolleyes:

Whoa, there! What I didn’t want was for people to have a knee jerk reaction to my summary of the book and keep judging. My challenge was to go read it for yourself and many of your questions will be answered. I’d rather not analyze all these details unless you’ve read his take on everything.

Again, I am not here to defend him, but his book gave me a more open mind to his situation.

I don’t think everyone thinks like you when you say he’s only criticized for the way he handled the situation, but the being in love part. Lots of people disagree on that point. I agree, as does Father Albert, that he did not handle the situation correctly.

I agree with you that he is obviously totally judging the church, and he expresses disappointment in how he was judged negatively by many people, so I suppose you can make that argument. But your argument is flawed in saying that if he is judging, we can also judge him as if the Golden Rule and turning the other cheek don’t apply to us judging him." And why do you take note of the grain of dust in your brother’s eye, but take no note of the bit of wood which is in your eye?" (Matthew 7:3)

The thing here is the information he shares about the church should worry us Catholics, because if what he is sharing is true (even though it’s done in a judgmental way), the Church needs major reform.

I guess if I were to put myself in his shoes, I would want to tell my side of the story as well especially after witnessing many difficult things in the Church for a number of years. Many of the stories he tells about dysfunction in the Church only priests would know about and it doesn’t help us as members of such church to put our heads in the sand and act like everything is fine. One of his points is that the Church doesn’t confront many issues it has in modern times and covers things up, does not have open communication about problems so as to try to find solutions and help, especially for struggling priests.

He explains in the book about his struggles with his passion for this woman and how they didn’t think they’d be seen on this far away private beach.

And according to his examples of other priests in the church who were found to be leading promiscuous lifestyles, and were just placed in another church or even promoted to positions of leadership, yes, the RC church would still be a fine place for him if he hadn’t been caught.

When I was reading the book, I had the same thought about what problems he’ll find in the Anglican church, and if he’ll be disappointed as well over time. I would guess his response would be that overall the views of the Anglicans line up more to his worldview than those of the RC Church. We’ll have to see if he writes another book! :wink:

No matter what, we live in a fallen world, which means our churches and church leaders will also be imperfect.

Anyway, I still challenge you to read the book!

What I do not quite agree with you, is that you are somewhat telling us not to judge him, yet you read(and want us to read)how he judges the Catholic Church.
What Jesus said about not criticizing others without seeing what one is doing wrong, applies to him also.
If Mr Cutie loves the Catholic Church, as he said, he should have fought from within(by means of letters to the vatican, articles, lobbing, memos, etc.etc. to make it better,holier.Like you do when you care for something.You do not abandon it.
You fight for it passionately.He might have accomplished a great deal,because as you said, as an insider, he could see things we may not be aware of.
My opinion is that aside from all the problems our dear Church has, Mr Cutie left it mainly because he was in love and wanted to get married.Not so much for the problems.
In his book he tries to somewhat justify his behaviour by attacking the Church.
Reminds me of what a priest said regarding some people that go to confession,but give all sorts of reasons and causes for their sinful or inappropriate behaviour.In the end they are not so much confessing ,but excusing.
Let God be the judge.:)

You said it baylee King HenryVIII thought he was a victim when the real victims were Catherine of Aragon Cardinal John Fisher And Sir Thomas Moore did you know that John Fisher was mad a cardinal by Pope Paul the III about a week or so before his execution.Pope Paul the III is also the one who excomunicated HenryVIII he remained pope for about 4 or 5 years afterward until his passing

Compare this to the humility of the former preacher Alex Jones, who discovered, after being typically anti-Catholic, that the Truth was with the Catholic Church.

He took his congregation n Detroit with him and about 10 years were received into the church. The problem was, was that pastor Jones was a born preacher, and it was all he ever done or knew, and the fact that he was married, meant that he could not simply to convert from preacher to priest.
This must have been a very difficult thing for him to do, but he did it! God Bless Him, he’s now a deacon! This kind of quite obedience is quite incredible, and touching, and a great contrast to the actions of others.

Good post.

I truly believe that the Catholic Church will resolve its priest shortage by allowing priests to marry. The Eastern Rite of the Catholic Church already allows this. It is a tremedous burden on many of the current priests with so many members in their congregations. I know of one priest who suffered an emotional breakdown with the demands upon his time. The Apostles were all married and devoted to Christ, but all of them are Saints. I am questioning the Church on its current policy because I only want the best for the Catholic Church. Sometimes policy changes can resolve problems within the Catholic Church.

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